Riding Towards Freedom

This past week was incredibly busy. I worked both jobs, making it a 70-hour work week. Because of this,I have been planning what I will do on my one day of freedom since Friday. Just the thought of a free Sunday was keeping me going.

So far, my Sunday has been perfect. This morning I woke up at 11am, had a gluten-free grilled cheese and tomato soup, and then changed into my workout clothes for a long bike ride. Due to my 4-month long exercise hiatus thanks to my pesky ovarian cyst, even putting on a tank top and tennis shoes brings a smile to my face. Turns out I’m still not cyst-free, but it doesn’t cut into my bike rides anymore. I hit the street and biked about 5 miles to a Starbucks where I unloaded a few items that are aiding in my path to self-discovery, internal freedom, and ultimate happiness.

From my backpack I unpacked a pen, journal, and the book Loving What Is by Byron Katie. If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, then you definitely know who that is. Her philosophy and teachings brought me out of a downward anxiety spiral over a year ago and have helped me get through every situation imaginable. I had told my therapist, Ken, that I did not want to use any medication to get through my debilitating anxiety attacks, I wanted to go au natural. He said “okay great” and introduced me to a process of healing and a new way of thinking called The Work by Byron Katie. The Work works for everything. If you are ill, angry, anxious, sad, hate your husband, hate your wife, hate your job, have been abused, have abused someone, resent your parents, are tired of life in general, want more money…I’m telling you, everything.

The reason I am picking up Loving What Is and journaling is not because I am suffering from anxiety attacks again. In fact, since the day I learned of Byron Katie and her philosophy, I have not had an anxiety attack. That’s almost two years! I am going through her book again because I need a perspective boost, a shot of mental espresso if you will. Life has gotten a little overwhelming lately with wedding planning, relationships, pesky eczema, and 70-hour work weeks so I needed to take a step back and be reminded of how easy life can be, if I choose to allow it.

After just spending an hour in Byron Katie’s book, I feel a weight lifted. I feel the old me slipping back in, reminding me that sometimes I over-think things. Sometimes when I believe the stories my brain tells me, reality hurts. So here is to freedom and happiness!

*If you haven’t heard of Byron Katie or Loving What Is, do yourself a favor and check it out. My life is forever changed because of it and I wish I could make everyone read it! Suffering is optional, whether you like to believe that or not.

3 thoughts on “Riding Towards Freedom

  1. I definitely bought this book after reading this post. I think most self-help books are a waste of time, but this one has been great so far! Thanks for the recommendation. Also one of my favorites is The Four Agreements ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I guess I’ve missed a few of your blogs because I’ve never hear you talk about this author! The book does sound amazing and I just got it! The quote you included in this blog was enough for me! I’m so glad this book has made such an impact on you – I keep telling my mom how much I actually miss counseling…and to think I used to complain about going ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oh I’m sooo excited you got it!!! Once you start it let me know because sometimes the ideas are a little weird to wrap your head around. My first time reading it, it was really helpful to have someone to talk to about it. Definitely don’t skip the intro.

      I know what you mean about missing counseling. I miss it a lot! It was so nice to have little revelations every week! This book, if the reader is open-minded, does that. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

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