I Think You’re Awesome

This blog will be a lot of updates from my nightly sleep walking and talking adventures. I get a kick out of the stories that Isaac will tell me every morning and I wanted to find a way to somehow remember them. I’ve also been keeping a written journal for several months now so maybe I’ll start transitioning into using this blog as a sort of journal.

This whole “other Courtney” thing started about a month ago when I was telling Ken, my therapist, some of my sleeptalking stories. He said “I think you have an “other Courtney” that doesn’t get expressed during the day so she has to talk at night. I looked at him with terror and said “oh great so you think I have multiple personalities?” I started to get light headed and my heart started racing, I love to jump to wild conclusions and make my anxiety level sky-rocket.  He laughed and said “absolutely not.” and explained what he actually meant. Ken says the more I journal and get my inner thoughts out on paper, the less I’ll probably sleep talk. Let’s hope not for the sake of this blog!

Last night’s sleeptalking (2/26/2011):

I poked Isaac Until he woke up at about 3AM. When he finally stirred awake I said “I think you’re awesome”. That’s it. nothing more, just laid back down.

Sometimes that other Courtney can be pretty nice!

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