One time my counselor told me that he thinks I sleepwalk and sleeptalk because of my “Other Courtney.” She needs to have an outlet, a way to connect with the world, he said. She feels she cannot always be her true self during the day so she must embark on nightly adventures in her sleep.

He felt that the more I wrote down my feelings, thoughts, and experiences, the less I would sleepwalk. He was right. What started out as simply a sleepwalking blog has turned into a random ramblings, recipe saving, photo sharing, opinion slinging, emotion releasing, poetry printing, and an occasional sleepwalking story blog.

So, here it is. The Other Courtney.

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  2. Huh. Very interesting. I’ve never been a sleepwalker but always found the stories and experiences about them entertaining/ horrifying.
    Looking forward to reading more!

  3. Hi, Courtney…Your blog is one of the ones I promised myself I would take the time to visit once I got back to NC and things slowed down a bit. Well, I got to NC in July, but things didn’t slow down until just a few weeks ago. I love what I’ve read so far and will be pressing the “Follow” button when I finish this comment. I’m honored that you chose to follow my blog way-back-whenever-it-was—and that you’ve been kind enough to comment on my posts. Looking forward to reading more of your writing! xo pathwriter/Viki

  4. Courtney,
    I saw your article on Huffington Post, and noticed you were a fellow North Carolinian. I also was touched by your article about your dog, you desire to find the right animal companion, and your struggles with allergies and anxieties.

    I want you to know that I have struggled with similar concerns, been in similar boats, had similar conversations with my doctors. It wasn’t until one of my many doctors, probably the one who knows me best, suggested that since I was a dog trainer, why didn’t I train a service dog for myself, to help live a more normal life?

    Over a year and many certifications and one hound mix named Elwood later, I am training service dogs for people with concerns like mine. I went through the training process of Elwood myself, so I would know what it was like from puppy-hood to adulthood of having a Service Dog in Training and one that was certified. It was a humbling, embarrassing, patience-wearing, ultimately rewarding experience and I’m glad I did it.

    If you ever need help, or want help getting your furry friend certified, or know someone who needs the help, feel free to send their inquiries my way. I’ve learned many people don’t even know these options exist, and if I can help one more person have a better life, then it is all worthwhile. If I can answer any questions people have for these sort of assistance dogs, that is one more person who know about them. Thanks for writing such an inspiring article.

    -Vanessa Calaio


    • Action hero, I love that you call him that hahah!!Oh boy, you and my husband could swap some stories I bet! Here’s to never being bored with your sleepwalking spouse πŸ˜‰

  5. You have been tagged! I know what you are thinking. β€œTagged? Like one of those animals that get shot with a tranquilizer dart and get a metal band on their ear?”

    Errr … sort of. But also, kind of like those award thingys. It just something that people have been doing on WordPress. Feel free to join in … or if time is being … well, time … then just enjoy the read and the tag.

    You can read about it here by the way:

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  7. I saw that you stopped by and commented on a blog of
    mine….I wanted to say thank you. And I thought perhaps I would
    take a peek at yours. By the way … from your About page … it
    appears that what started out as one reason for blogging … has
    morphed into something else. A friend told me that would happen
    when I started blogging. You come for a reason .. and stay as your
    find another. I have found that to be true with many people. Again
    .. thanks for stopping by …. now to explore a bit

    • You are exactly right about the reason I started blogging. I started out with 3 followers, all family members, and would sometimes tell sleepwalking stories. Now it is a place I come to vent, rant, rave, share, and learn from others about a wide range of topics. It’s been a really fun journey! Thanks for stopping by, I’m definitely looking forward to new posts on your blog!

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  9. Hi Courtney,
    I really enjoy reading your blog. It is very well written, insightful and interesting. I like it so much that I decided to nominate you for the inspiring blogger of the year award! You can see it on my blog, http://www.theartofpsychology.wordpress.com. To accept, just repost the award, mention who nominated you and link to their blog, then write 7 things about yourself. You should also nominate 15 others and let them know! Thanks again, I hope you get many more readers πŸ™‚
    All the best,

  10. Courtney –

    I’d like to get in touch with you about your experience last January with your best friend Bridget and her husband Dave during the birth of their child. I’m working on a project and would like to email you about it. Can you please email me or send me your email?

    Thanks so much!

  11. I’m so glad to find other people who deal with sleep issues too, scary stuff. My poor partner has been scared to death on a number of occasions. Sleep walking, talking, yelling….Your blog is very inspiring and interesting thank you for being so open, great stuff πŸ™‚

    • It’s so fascinating, isn’t it?! Do you remember the next morning if you have been acting out in your sleep? Hey, I think our partners are lucky people! Their lives with us will NEVER be dull! πŸ˜€

      • Very true haha! Sometimes it takes a while to remember, it’s very weird. It’s a very interesting concept that writing about it acts as a release. I have thought about it and can honestly say that it happens less now that I write( &blog) regularly. A creative solution for a somewhat freaky and unpredictable activity πŸ™‚ Write on!!

      • Yeah, I’m the same way. I tell people it’s kind of like being really really drunk. Basically I can feel myself sleep talking, sleep walking, and doing ridiculous things, but I can’t stop it. The next morning I just have this weird feeling that something happened, just can’t quite remember the details.

        Funny how the writing has seemed to work for you too. I think sleep walking is directly related to stress levels and how imaginative my brain is feeling before falling asleep!

  12. I have unpacked my family’s luggage on vacation, eaten, wandered my house, had detailed conversations, gone outside, and woken up in random parts of my house in my sleep! I know when I wake up with bread slices on my chest, that I was eating in my sleep. Strange, but very true. This is a great blog!

    • Ahhhh! Another “night walker” as my fiance calls me. Once I went downstairs in my sleep, opened the fridge, and ate the lunch he had so nicely packed for himself for the following day. Whooops!

      How often do you eat in your sleep? Man, I would HATE THAT! So much for a diet plan lol.

      • Haha yeah thankfully I really only go for bread slices. It is really weird. I’ve woken up with bread slices on my pillow many times. For a while it was pop-tarts though. I would eat them in my sleep, and wake up with them on my bedside table or in the bed the next morning (I actually don’t buy them anymore because of it!) Haha that sounds so nuts. My husband will honestly have conversations with me, and egg me on in my sleep! He even has videos of me. Have you seen the video of the mom sleep walking in her kitchen, and her son gets it on video and replays it for her? It is hilarious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNYT_rOgvIA

        • Hahahahha!! I LOVE her dance. That is so awesome. I wish my fiance had some footage of me doing my sleepwalking thang. Unfortunately he just has some awkward videos of me mumbling and then waking up in a very confused state.

          And that’s pretty funny about your love of bread in your sleep. And pop tarts! I can’t say I blame you, they are pretty delicious. I guess you just feel the need to carb load in your sleep!

    • Thanks! Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) my blog has a serious lack of sleepwalking stories lately. I have been a pretty quiet sleeper for the most part. The things I HAVE done lately don’t exactly warrant an entire blog post, like two nights ago ripping off all of my clothes and waking up in my closet because I was dreaming that spiders were stuck in my clothes. Sigh…. 😦

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