The Obligatory “After Being Freshly Pressed” Post

On Thursday I received the email letting me know that I was being “Freshly Pressed.” At first I thought it was a joke, but since the sender was “wordpress editor”  it seemed pretty legit. Then I thought “maybe they accidentally sent it to the wrong person?” [Not because I don’t have faith in my writing, but because my most recent post hadn’t exactly been earth shattering] Nope, this was real. The “wordpress editor” turned out to be a chick named Michelle who not only told me why she chose to feature my post, but told me some of her own irrational fears! After that point, excitement was the only thing to spew from my brain, fingertips, mouth, and other bodily orifices.

Here’s how I celebrated being “Freshly Pressed”:

  • Downloaded Aqua’s 1997 “Aquarium” CD and listened to it nonstop (it just felt right)
  • Watched this video of the world’s happiest dog a few times
  • Ate half of a box of pasta, three handfuls of baking chocolate, and chugged two cans of seltzer water
  • Updated my family and friends every few hours about my current blog stats
  • Continuously offered to send autographs to said family and friends
  • Tore open the scab on my left hand (it itches when I get excited)
  • Ferociously vacuumed my room
  • Shaved my legs (not ferociously, very gently)
  • Took some pills (just Benadryl, nothing fancy)

So there you have it. All of the completely nauseating and slightly embarrassing ways I have spent the last 24 hours due to being “Freshly Pressed.”

On a more serious note, I am insanely flattered, honored, and thrilled. Not because of the sudden traffic increase on my blog (although that’s kinda cool too, I guess), but because of the stories people have been sharing with me regarding their own struggles with anxiety, panic attacks, sleep walking, and life in general. I have really enjoyed hearing everybody’s coping mechanisms, view points, suggestions, and words of encouragement. Like so many other “freshly pressed” bloggers have said, it’s amazing the impact complete strangers can have on you. One of the most fun parts of all this has been reading the blogs of those who have commented on my post! There are some funny, talented, and utterly insane people out there.

So thank you to Michelle for choosing my Irrational Fears post to appear on the home page because you felt it might help others cope with their anxiety. Thank you to all of you who have been commenting, liking, and have started following my blog. I am overwhelmed in the best way possible.

And the coolest part (besides that sweet “freshly pressed” badge on the right-hand side of my blog)? This “Anxiety Girl” doesn’t feel the need to suddenly alter my writing style, change my post topics, or reinvent my blog due to my increase of followers in the past 24 hours. I was worried (shocker) that the sudden traffic increase would change my view of my blog, make it not so much for me anymore. The reality? I am still writing this blog for me, both for therapy and for fun. So just a heads up: I’ll still be writing sappy posts about my family, posting pictures of my adorable nephew, writing out ridiculous conversations with my fiance, sharing my favorite recipes, divulging my latest sleep talking episodes, and occasionally posting something deep and meaningful.

You’ve been warned.

28 thoughts on “The Obligatory “After Being Freshly Pressed” Post

  1. You totally deserve it! Little envious that Michelle shared with you though. Mine was a pretty generic “we think you put an interesting spin and the wp community will enjoy it.” or something like that. Haha, I love your blog and your irrational fears.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Courtney!!! I love reading your posts and do hope they don’t change with the attention your blog will be getting. Your pictures also add so much to your writing….I laughed out loud at the smirking creature in this post — I don’t recognize the animal — a possum? Thankfully WordPress allows you to reject/delete those would be stalkers/inappropriate folks who might find your blog.

    • Thanks!! The smirking creature is actually a sloth and his face is almost identical to how mine has looked for the past 48 hours (after being freshly pressed).

      Don’t worry about the stalkers, Pops, it’ll be okay. Plus, who wants to kidnap a girl who may or may not have a panic attack/asthma attack/go into anaphylactic shock/break out in hives if tied up in the back of a van?? 😉

  3. Congratulations! And I for one love your “24 hours after being Freshly Pressed activities”…keepin’ it real. Seems your style! Way to go! Did you have a lot of takers on your autograph requests?! 🙂 Engage the day!

    • Hah, thank you!! Surprisingly, I didn’t have any takers on the autograph offer, weird? I think maybe they just don’t want to impose. I should probably just take the liberty of sending them all autographed head shots or something 😉

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      • I think that is very thoughtful of you and am positive your friends and family would prefer that over any other holiday present you could possibly offer. Enjoy the glory. Make it last.

        • I think you’re right 😀 One year my sister wrote us all poems for Christmas (she was in her teens AKA way too old to try and pull a stunt like that). Worst part was that several of us had the same poems! This can’t be any worse than that… hahah

  4. WEll, congratulations are in order! “Freshly pressed”,eh?
    What’s it like to be an orange?
    Oh, hang on, no, that’s freshly squeezed.
    Leg shaving for the female of the species is definitely a plus, regardless of how rigorous the act of depilation is. After all, one would not like to be in the company of a lady who appears to have the bottom half of an Afghan Hound, or one who attracts comments such as “Lovely woollen tights darling.”

    • Haha well thank you, sir! Yes freshly pressed, like a pair of pants or a delicious panini.

      I agree with you about the leg shaving, nobody needs a lady with furry legs. Ick.

  5. What I mostly loved about your anxiety blog was that it made me feel that am not alone in the world! Well-done girl. Congrats!

    • Thank you so much, I’m glad it helped you not feel so alone. That was one of the most important things I learned in therapy! One day I asked my counselor how he knows how to deal with so many people, so many different situations. He laughed and said “everyone is the same. Change the names, specific fears, and some small details, but everyone is the same. We all need perspective, and ways to manage our anxiety and stress.” That has always stuck with me, and it’s so true.

      Thanks again for the compliment!

  6. Slipped in to see what the obligatory after being freshly pressed post would require, since my blog is on the FP page, shocker, I too celebrated with chocolate, sans the seltzer water, and I created a Freshly Pressed dance which I have danced off and on in between replying to comments. (mainly because my butt fell asleep from sitting at my PC too long,) Great post, read your Anxiety Girl post. Brave Girl!! Sleep walking was an issue for me when I was a kid, unfortunately therapy wasn’t an option. Seems I must have gotten over it and moved on through numerous other “issues.” I’m old now so it’s all good. 😉

    • Hahah all smart women celebrate with chocolate 🙂 I need to start keeping real chocolate in the house so I don’t keep breaking into my baking chocolate. It’s a little bit desperate looking, especially when my fiance catches me mid-scarf!

      I feel ya on the butt falling asleep issue. My butt seems to be okay right now, but my eyeballs feel like they are shriveling up from staring at my computer screen so long! It’s so fun reading the comments though…just…can’t…stop.

      On my way to check out your blog now, congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

      • Thanks Courtney, I know what you mean about the eyes, felt like mine were gonna fall out of my head until I took a quick break and got the eye drops. All better now. Yeah, you need some real chocolate in the house. Always!!

    • Perhaps you could post a video of the Freshly Pressed dance in case any of the rest of us are lucky enough to be pressed….I wouldn’t want to be caught out not knowing the steps! 🙂

  7. I was so excited to have a “blog celeb” at the shower today! And please don’t change the blog it gives me my Courtney fixes 🙂

    • Hahah, oh Kimmie Pie. It won’t change, no worries! These poor people will just have to put up with my ramblings, rants, and raves. Thanks so much for a fun party today, wish I could have stayed longer!

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