Oldies But Goodies

In the past month I have had a pretty adventurous sleep-life:

  • Isaac and I live in a loft so the ceilings have some visible pipes. The other night water was running through one of them and I guess I heard it in my sleep. I sat up and said “whats that?!” and Isaac replied “nothing”. I asked “are you peeing the bed?” and he said “no, are you??”. I said “yes” and rolled back over. I would just like to add that I did NOT pee the bed. Love how I can be sarcastic even in my sleep
  • Sat up and put my finger in the middle of Isaac’s chest; “DID SANTA BUY YOU THIS SHIRT?” When he failed to answer as quickly as I expected him to I asked again “IS THIS A SANTA PRESENT??” Until he responded “yes” I would not leave him alone.
  • pulled my shirt up so my hip was showing and raised and lowered my eyebrows repeatedly as if to say “yeaaah, you like this??”
  • Warned Isaac that someone was coming to get us and he better shut his computer and turn the lights off. I ran into the living room to check and reported back to him “its okay, his TV is on but his lights are off so I don’t ‘think he’s awake.” I can only assume I was referring to our roommate Kevin.
  • Isaac was watching TV one night while I was long gone in dreamland. I sat up, grabbed my ipod, looked at him and said “well THIS is sure coming in handy tonight.” Isaac said “would you like me to turn the volume on the TV down?” and I just kept repeating “THIS (ipod) is sure coming in HANDY tonight.” Looks like the “other Courtney” was somewhat of a bitch that night.

That’s all for now. I’m sure I’ll be able to think of more later!

After recounting these few stories I am realizing how unfortunate life must be for Isaac after 10pm. I don’t remember any of these stories, but he remembers every one.

2 thoughts on “Oldies But Goodies

  1. This is just AMAZING! I am laughing so much as I read about the “other Courtney”. I think that you have an amazing TALENT and should keep writing, Courtney..I also think that you should video tape it and make a REALITY show! (not the x-rated, stuff, though…:D :D)

  2. Hi dear Coutney,
    How wonderful that you are keeping both a day (conscious) and a night (dreamtime or unconscious) journal! I’ve done this for almost twenty years and I can tell you that much of my art and inspiration now comes from these precious dream journals. You might think of this as the artist in you who is trying to express herself in direct relationship with the Higher Self or the Dreamer.

    C. G. Jung, the great psychoanalyst, has much to say about this. And I have come to treasure my dream journals as a way of understanding myself and the world around me. Don’t be afraid. You are LESS likely to be crazy when you are in communion with all of yourself!

    You might also want to add photos to these dream dialogue journals because dreams are a visual language and you might only now be remembering the sound track as retold to you by Isaac — a lovely witness and ally.

    If you read about artists throughout our human history, you’ll see that we all have rich imaginations and dream lives that inform our work. Welcome, dearest Courtney, to the fertile world of dreams and the lifelong dialogue with the Higher Self. There’s a reason why God spoke to many prophets through dreams — it seems the only time when there’s enough quiet to hear our true selves — and the divine. Looking forward to reading along with you — and listening. Much love, Behba

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