The Intruder

Marathon, FL. One night, Isaac decided that after a long day’s work at the Dolphin Research Center, he was going to go play poker with some buddies. Staying true to form (and taking after my mother), I got in bed about the same time his night was just getting started.

About an hour and a half after he left, and more than likely in an intense hand of poker, he got a call from me. I was frantically screaming that someone was trying to break in. He asked me how I knew? And I cried that “the back door handle is moving and they won’t stop trying to come in!” Naturally Isaac dropped out of the game and raced home, only to find me laying in bed, no intruder present, nothing out of place. When Isaac asked me what had happened I embarrassingly admitted “I think that was a dream.”

I cannot believe that was a dream. Common sense tells me it WAS a dream, but it was so real. The terror that I felt was not fake, and I truly believed that someone was trying to break in. It still gives me the chills thinking about it! This “night terror” as I call it lasted for about 30 minutes. 30 minutes of me acting out my dream and fighting with the door trying to hold it shut while the “person” on the other side fought to open it. I only woke up and snapped out of it about 10 minutes before Isaac got home.

Maybe because of these vivid night terrors and dreams I have, I am better off. If I were ever in a situation where someone were ACTUALLY trying to break in, or a 10 foot blue spider were ACTUALLY taking over my bed (see When Sleeping Friends Attack) I would have already been through it before so I could respond with quick-mindedness and take action. I’d like to think that I would settle for “fight” instead of “flight.” Isaac had another opinion of that night. Maybe my subconscious is a crazy-psycho girlfriend and I just didn’t want him to be out having fun with the boys without me! 😉

One thought on “The Intruder

  1. OMG that is so scary. Can you imagine if there actually was someone trying to break in?! But you’re right, maybe these dreams are making you more of a fighter for sure!

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