Replacing Empathy With Superiority

A trending news story right now is a tragic one, as most seem to beĀ these days. In Cincinnati, a 4-year old boy fell into a gorilla enclosure at the zoo, and after being dragged around by the 400-pound gorilla for 10 minutes, the zoo made the decision to shoot and kill him. The gorilla, not…


A New and Improved Imaginary Me

Most kids go through an imaginary friend stage. Some adults go through it too, but I think we refer to that as Schizophrenia. When we were kids, my sister had a set of imaginary friends who would only come out to play when the toilet was being flushed. Bizarre, yes, but it seemed harmless enough.…


Huffington Post Interview

Hi Friends! I am excited and honored to have been asked to do a LIVE webcam interview with the Huffington Post! We discussed overcoming anxiety, something I’m a little familiar with. šŸ™‚ Here is the link! Huff Post Live: Overcoming Anxiety  


No Flight, No Fight–Simply Surrender

I’m excited to share with you another Huffington Post article of mine that went live today! You may recognize parts of it, as it is a revised & edited version of one of my previous posts on The Other Courtney. Check it out and pass along to anyone struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, or any…


Having A Bad Day?

Consider this: there is no such thing as a bad day. The way we react to the events happening around us can make us feelĀ angry, frustrated, hurt, and like we are having a bad day, but the day itself is not bad. It’s just how we areĀ respondingĀ to reality (which is completely in our control, by…