Vow Renewal

An excerpt from the book I’m working on- prose and essays on motherhood.

The first time
A short service 
On a crisp spring day
Stars in our eyes
Promises on our lips
I do
And I do, too

The second time
A 3-day ceremony
Soundtracked by tears and breaths 
In perfect synchrony
Working to bring our creation
Earthside and into our arms

The third time 
Standing in the hospital shower
My back on his chest
Blood and exhaustion pooling at our feet
He washed my hair and shoulders so gently
As if those parts of me had also opened up and given life

The fourth time
Before the sun was awake
Sounds of crying seeping under our door
Just eight words
Eight beautiful words
I’ve got her, you go back to sleep

Each day is a renewal
If I’m paying attention
Promises made in the diapers changed
And the schedules rearranged

I still do
And I still do, too

4 thoughts on “Vow Renewal

  1. Tender and touching. Thank you for sharing these words with us. Reminds me of the important things, even as life’s whims tug us in different directions.
    Thank you.

  2. Absolutely amazing. I have tried to write something like this for josh many times but couldn’t find the words. Here they are 🙂 you’re so damn talented and I love you

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