The Shore

I don’t recall the last time I laughed so much
Or cared so little
Especially with spandex covering
Or barely covering
The softest parts of my body

The beach was crowded when we entered the surf
But when we emerged hours later
The sudden emptiness surrounding us felt disorienting
Where were the sun tents, the castle builders, the couples?
Even the seagulls had been called back home

I carried her to the boardwalk
Tiny, pruned fingers clawing at my tanned shoulder
One sand-covered foot scratching my leg with each step

The world around us became a blind spot
In her blazing presence
In our brilliance together
And I wondered
Is this how life will be with her? 

Getting lost in each other
Only to reemerge one day under a purple sky
The sun setting on my life
And everything else has faded away
Except me and her in the surf

4 thoughts on “The Shore

  1. I am so happy to know you and read your wonderful writings!!!! You are so gifted!It was a thrill to share our class together.

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