My First Experience With Hypnotism

Wrote this fervently after my session so I could remember every little detail before they slip away. Please excuse any typos/grammatical errors 🙂—————————————————————————

I just had my first hypnosis session with Virginia. It was one of the most bizarre yet most wonderful experiences I’ve ever had.

I was really scared of being hypnotized. Virginia is someone I trust wholeheartedly though, so I was willing to give it a try with her. She has been a licensed hypnotist (and counselor) for a long time now and I knew she would keep me in a safe place. I’m not even sure what that means as far as hypnosis is concerned, a safe place, but I have just always been scared of losing complete control of my brain and conscious state when someone else is in control.

She had me stare at a spot on the ceiling and was talking me into the hypnotized state. Soon the whole room turned silver and her face (in my peripheral vision) became metallic and shined so bright I had to look away from the ceiling to get a better look at her face and at what was going on. It was almost scary how bright and metallic it looked, it almost felt monster-like. When I broke contact with my spot on the ceiling, her seemingly metallic masked face disappeared and she was there again. It reassured me that I was fine and to get back to the hypnotized state. Quickly, the room turned bright silver again and this time I let it happen. I let her talk me into the point where my eyelids were so heavy I could no longer keep them open.

She talked me through deeper stages of hypnosis, at one point even counting up to 20. She set a scene for me where I was walking down a marble staircase in my bare feet. The stairs were covered in a plush, red carpet that felt amazing between my toes. When I reached the bottom of the staircase, I was in the deepest point of hypnosis I believe. It was then that she started the talk about my skin.

The point of our sessions together is to help my eczema, which is often triggered by stress. Anybody who has eczema and doesn’t believe there is a connection between stress and eczema is craaazy. She talked about how there was a wave of protection covering my skin, flowing all over my face, down my arms, down my legs. I could feel it. I could feel the tingling and comfort of this protective barrier. She told me that from this point forward, I would have this protective barrier and nothing could break it. She told me that my skin would not feel as sensitive to things I came in contact with anymore. She also reassured me that of course I would feel pain if necessary, if my body needed to be warned that I was in trouble, but on a daily basis it would just not feel so sensitive to outside factors.

I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. It was the first time in my life I have felt so comfortable in my own skin. For 10 minutes (I’m guessing about the timing, I actually have no idea how long she spent on this part of the hypnosis) I suddenly felt like my body was void of rashes, scabs, or any feelings of discomfort. I felt like my skin was made of silk, porcelain, glass, everything smooth and perfect you can imagine. I remember thinking “is this what it feels like to not have eczema? THIS is what it feels like to sit in a chair and NOT think about how the fabric is causing little welts to appear on the back of my thighs. THIS is what it feels like to think about my skin in a positive, happy way instead of agony. THIS is what it means to be truly comfortable in your own existence.”

As soon as the session ended, I sobbed. Uncontrollably I cried because I had never felt so good. Trying to explain it to Isaac, I could only come up with this analogy: Imagine you have had a headache your entire life and for 10 minutes, 10 beautiful minutes, it was completely gone. You felt NO pain, only extreme comfort and happiness. It left me in tears even after Virginia left my house. In my mind, I keep going back to that place she put me in, that happy place. When I think hard about it, I can still feel the wonderful tingling sensations running down my arms and legs. Little waves of smooth, flowing liquid that make my skin feel like satin. It’s hard to find the words to describe just how good it feels.

In a 30 minute hypnosis session, I felt so happy in my own skin. This means that it really is mind over matter. Virginia told me that the point of hypnosis is to reach someone on a subconscious level, which is often times what can cause eczema flares. Obviously this doesn’t mean I’m not going to have eczema still, I’m realistic after all, but my subconscious brain feels differently about my skin now. It doesn’t feel as overwhelming or confining. I think as we do more and more sessions it will only get better.

I didn’t think I would be able to be hypnotized. I was scared of what might happen. Several times during the session, my heart started racing and it felt like there was lead on my chest. My jaw felt tight and like it was hard to move. I felt okay though because even though I was hypnotized I was still HERE and somewhat present, if that makes sense. I knew that at any point I could open my eyes. I also knew that I didn’t want to.

I can’t wait to see what future sessions hold for us. I will definitely feel more relaxed going into the next one now that I know what to expect a little bit more. To feel so comfortable in my own skin, I’d do this hypnosis session every single day if possible! That’s the cool part about this though, I still feel insanely happy even though the session ended an hour ago. I still FEEL that comfort and happiness exploding out of me like beams of light. Yes, my eyes are still a little swollen from this week long allergic reaction I’ve been battling and my skin is still tight and extremely dry, but I don’t even care. I feel comfortable in my skin, happy in my skin, for maybe the first time ever.

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37 thoughts on “My First Experience With Hypnotism

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  7. This is amazing! The way you wrote it seemed like I was right there experiencing the same things. How blessed to have 10 minutes of awesome, perfect relief and not be thinking about your skin at all. You’re a lucky lady to have such a wonderful mother in law and I’m glad this was such a neat experience for you!

    • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it!! It was an awesome 10 minutes haha. It did make me feel a little angry at people who don’t have skin issues, like LOOK WHAT YOU GUYS TAKE FOR GRANTED!! But, I know each person struggles with their own problems. My health/skin problems are nothing compared to what some are dealing with, just need to always remind myself of that!

      Have you ever tried any type of hypnosis for eczema?

      • I know what you mean about being angry – when I see people with awesome skin I want to run up to them and should “DO YOU KNOW HOW LUCKY YOU ARE!?!?!” Haha. No, I’ve never tried hypnosis! If your great mother in law wasn’t so far away, I would gladly make the drive to her lol.

  8. Oh…I read this just now.

    1) I have never been hypnotized. It was interesting reading what it was like. And more so, that it seemed to help a lot

    2) Your DAD posted to you. OMG THAT IS SOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!

    • 1) Yeah I think it will help! We will see. Would you ever try it out or are you a little intimidated by it, like I was?

      2) Ummmm yeah my dad is basically the coolest ever. He is so funny, he tells me “I read every post of yours but I don’t always comment because that might seem weird, I don’t want to be THAT DAD.” Come on, how cute is he?! Clearly he is still scared from when my sisters and I were all teenagers and warned him to NOT EMBARRASS US IN FRONT OF OUR FRIENDS!!” Poor guy.

      • I think I would try it….though at the moment I think tis not needed for anything specific I can think of. (Unless it can help me shake a cold lol)

        But I will certainly keep it in mind as far as alternative medicines is concerened.

      • Not so much alternative medicine. Tis a viable, powerful form of therapy. The mind is amazing, hypnosis can be so valuable in unwinding or sorting it out with a high success rate.

        So, it has been a few days now Courtney, do you still feel the effects?

        hey Katie, no pizza, go gargle. 😉

  9. Wow that sounds absolutely amazing! I like that you didn’t edit anything after. I could definitely read how relieved and happy you were! Hope your skin barrier stays forever 🙂

  10. Amazing posting, Courtney! Thanks for sharing this. You have suffered so much and so very long with your skin rashes and allergies. At birth you were jaundice and we had to take you to the hospital for a week straight to get blood tests (really sad “pricking” your little foot to get the blood sample). At about 2 years old we were all driving home from dinner (it was night) and you started complaining (more than usual 🙂 ), and when we turned on the car dome light your eyes were almost completely swollen shut. That was the first skin/allergic reation I recall. You had eaten something with egg in it and rubbed your eyes. So extremely glad you had this experience of feeling comfortable in your own skin. I hope this helps — thanks to Virginia for giving you such a special gift. Love, Dad

    • Yikes, how fun to look back and see your swollen shut toddler! Never a dull moment at least 🙂 Thanks, I am very grateful to Virginia, too! Looking forward to future sessions. Have you ever done hypnosis before?

  11. Hi Courtney,

    I love reading this! It is so helpful to hear a more detailed response to your experience! I appreciate you taking the time to write, to make your experience more concrete too. Am really optimistic about the future of these sessions!

    Hope you are having a good Monday! Love, Virginia


    • So glad!! That’s a good point, I bet it does help you as they hypnotist to know exactly what I’m experiencing. Do most people who are hypnotized usually remember specific details about the session? I was surprised to remember as much as I did. Over the past few days the details have definitely faded which is why I’m glad I wrote it all out! Feels like it was just a dream I had now, not really real.

      Hope you have a great week! ❤

    • Truly, I was a skeptic just like you. That’s why I’m even more surprised that I was ABLE to be hypnotized haha, I didn’t think it was going to work for me. After a few sessions, Virginia is going to make me a CD that will help me in self-hypnotization as a relaxing exercise and stress releiver. It’s so very interesting. If you’re interested, here’s a page I read this morning on hypnosis, gives a little more info on it. Suddenly, it doesn’t seem as crazy and supernatural, ya know? It really kind of makes sense.

  12. Wow, this is SO interesting! And sounds totally incredible. I’m happy you had such a positive experience and hope that it continues to help you. I’ve thought about trying hypnosis for various things (like scratching, for one), but I wouldn’t know where to find one. You are lucky to have one in the family!

    • It was really something else! I’m happy it went so well too and can’t wait to see what happens in future sessions.

      I have wondered about hypnosis for awhile too as far as scratching/medical issues are concerned, but I didn’t know how to go about finding one either. To be honest, I don’t think I’d be trying it if my MIL didn’t practice it. However after this first experience, I would definitely recommend it. I imagine just a google search could help you locate one in your area. I can ask my MIL some advice for finding a good, quality hypnotist too. It may be worth it for you! I can tell you today, my skin looks GREAT, but I’m still winding down off of the steroids haha! So….I’ll be really interested to see what happens in the next few days as I’m completely off of them. Feeling very optimistic though, so that can be half the battle as I’m sure you know.

  13. Wow. This sounds incredible. I felt like I was there with you. Maybe that’s why I didn’t notice any grammatical/spelling errors.

    So cool that your mil is a licensed hypnotist!

    • It WAS incredible! I am so interested in hypnotism now. It is just so weird to me the things the brain can do. Like how can I be sitting in a chair, staring at the ceiling, and just by Virginia talking to me and saying certain things my complete state of consciousness be altered. It blows my mind!!! It doesn’t make sense to me yet and it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

      Yeah, she is awesome!! I’ve always been really interested in her hypnotism work so it’s fun to get to experience it. I’ve always admired her work but now I can see just how skilled she is. It means a lot that she took the time to write a hypnotism protocol for me, just to help me. Feel very blessed to have her! I was laughing about it today thinking “how many women would EVER let their MIL hypnotize them!?” Probably not many!!

  14. Hypnosis for eczema, interesting. Yes stress is a huge contributor. you can see it flair up very shortly after a noticeable stressful episode. Perhaps she has left you more relaxed. Oh wait.. she did, after re-reading. 🙂

    now keep cool and moisturize.

    Do you avoid the foods that can cause eczema to flair? I am guessing you know them and do avoid or limit them.


    oh no scratching either. That is the hardest part.

    • Yeah, it definitely has a strong connection! She absolutely left me feeling more relaxed. And even today when my eczema spots itch, it doesn’t feel overwhelming. It feels a bit like a weight has been lifted from my chest, like all these skin issues really are no big deal. It just is what it is. It’s all about perspective!

      I have a VERY strict diet to help my eczema and it has definitely helped in the past few years! I never eat fast food or processed food, no caffeine, very rarely have sugar, no fake sweeteners, rarely eat tomatoes, never eat dairy, gluten-free…I could go on and on. It’s funny how quickly my skin responds when I eat something naughty. But sometimes…it’s worth it 🙂

      • alcohol too. Well if the hypnosis worked, and I know it does, then continue often with it to keep relaxed.

        Even if only so you are not freaking out scratching those spots. and then scratching them seconds later because as impossible as it seems they are now even itchier.

        eeps you are limited to water. It is tough isn’t it? so *hugs* again.

      • Haven’t had alcohol in almost 3 years. 🙂 I’m just SO much fun huh?! Thank God for a fiance who loves me just the way I am. The non-drinking, non-eating fool that I am haha.

        Do you have food/environmental allergies?

      • no allergies for me, one of my roommates has asthma, sort of bad at times, so we are very careful with scents in the house and frown as a group at people that like to spread smoke or perfumes when she is about. It is annoying how many people think others enjoy living in their clouds of smoke and scent.

        knowing your allergies, though, is a big part of the battle.

        it cuts down on surprises like you had with the vitamin E.

        so stop finding new ones. 😉

  15. Love this!!! I felt like I was right there with you! If there were grammatical errors I didn’t catch any while I was absorbed in this post! I hope that wonderful feeling continues for you!!

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