Rude Awakening

At 4am this morning I was rudely awakened by someone punching me in the jugular. That someone was me, assisted by my right fist. You know that stage of sleep where you are not quite awake and not quite asleep, where you often startle yourself completely awake? Well my “startling awake” was more of a “flailing of the limbs”…leading to a fancy right hook into my neck.

For the next hour I sat awake wondering how hard of a punch it would take to collapse someone’s airway (curiosity + anxiety + exhaustion makes me ponder morbid things like this). When I was little I was standing on a chair and it slipped out from under me. I fell neck first into the top of the chair and severely hurt my jugular. For a week straight it felt like there was a golf ball stuck in my throat. My mom was great and not once said “I told you not to stand on chairs” because Lord knows she was thinking it!

My 4am fight club with myself turned out okay though. I got to peruse Facebook, delete emails, and find one of the best series of photographs I have seen to date. If there is ever a reason to have a child, this is it. This dad is my hero!

Dave’s father daughter portraits

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