Bad Ideas During (Extra) Emotional Times

1. Go on a 2-hour mission to find the song that you and your dad will dance to at your wedding

Crying alone at the dining room table, party of one!

2. Make a big cookie cake knowing full well that you will not have the self control to eat “just a little bit of it”

I lied, the whole cookie was gone. Please note the time.

3. Watch sappy animal videos. Especially the ones where one animal saves another, or two unlikely animals become friends.

This one gets me every time

4. Go to this website:

5. Look through old photos of my sweet nephew. I only get to see him a few times a year due to the distance. My heart breaks! 

My first time meeting Liam

6. Think about deceased pets. I miss my Chester boy! 

7. Deaf boy hears mom’s voice for the first time. Oh my sob. 

But isn’t that the beauty of being a woman? Every now and then we are allowed to indulge our sappy sides and spend a weekend watching tear jerking videos, and no man dare make fun of us. Alright, time to head back on over to and get my happy tears on. 

10 thoughts on “Bad Ideas During (Extra) Emotional Times

  1. OMG – I am traveling so apologies on not replying to your email – but sheesh – let me tell ya – I had pms for like 10 days this past month. WTF?! It was never ending. Hysterics to music in the car, lots of naps. Anyways – what really got me? A f-ing photo of a puppy at a baseball game with an “adopt me” vest on. Thank goodness I didn’t go to the ASPCA that day – I would’ve come home with 10 dogs.

    But yes – it really is an intuitive and emotional time that we get to be in touch with – it must have some purpose 🙂

  2. Crying here now!!! I specifically didn’t want to cry during our father daughter dance so we did Jump Jive since dad is an awesome swing dancer, no time for tears when your swinging! It was great, maybe you should try a more upbeat song you can have fun with?

    • See this is my dilemma: I don’t want to sob my eyes out during the song, but I DO want to dance to a really sweet father daughter song. Nothing TOO fast! I need something that is really sweet but will keep us moving!

  3. Definitely all reasons to have tears. The video clip of the baby hearing his mom’s voice for the first time makes me sob so hard but so does the one where the deaf woman who hears her own voice with her family for the first time. ( Have you seen that one?

    Music was the hardest thing for me too. We did a set of cds to play throughout the entire wedding from before the ceremony all the way to the reception and I think it took me 4 months to get it all put together. We went through all our cds, all our itunes and all our favorite songs and then starting compiling.

    My dad and I danced to an old standard. We did “Fly Me to the Moon” by Sinatra and “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong is what a friend chose for her dance with her dad and her husband danced with his mom to “The Way You Look Tonight” by Tony Bennett. Pick something that speaks to you.. reminds you of your childhood, etc.

    • Thankfully I am just going to give the reigns to our DJ so he can pick what music to play throughout the night, although we do have a “definitely play” list and “do not play” list he will be getting!! I hope you don’t love the chicken dance or electric slide haha!

      Sinatra is definitely a good choice, I need to browse through his songs. Thanks for the advice, it helps!

  4. Definitely reasons to cry (or sob!). All those things make me well as others that Aaron makes fun of me for lol. And actually, just today I was taking my weekly nap and had a dream about Chester and woke up so sad missing that guy! My dream was back to when I was actually terrified of him (crazy I know), but I kept running to the bathroom in your house on Marlborough to turn on the faucet in the bathtub to make that super mean Chester stop chasing me 😉 Then it would go to when you would smack my hands and Chester would get so mad at you lol.

    Have you decided a song yet?

    • How weird that you dreamed about Chester today! He’s been heavy on my heart all day. Although you and I do have a weird dream connection thing. Remember when I dreamed that you were lactating (weird, I know) and then you called to tell me you were pregnant? HAHA!

      And no, I haven’t found a song yet! I can’t believe how hard it is. I have found that the really sweet father daughter songs are normally country songs, and SUPER twangy. I’m okay with country, but not TOO twangy. And I don’t want to dance to something cliche like “Butterfly Kisses.” Can you help me find something?! Keep your ears open for a good one!

      PS Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman is a no go. Cute lyrics, can’t stand the melody.

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