“It’s Like I Have ESPN or Something”

Sometimes I think I have ESPN ESP (dangit Karen from Mean Girls, always confusing me!). I have spoken to my aunt about it who suggested I read a book about developing this special sense. Come to think of it, the counselor I used to see also gave me a book about intuition. He felt my intuition was much stronger than most. I am a firm believer that the feelings and energy you put out into the world can be felt and sensed by others, but it still amazes me when certain”coincidences” happen.

One of my most memorable (and probably important) “ESP moments” was close to a year ago at my job. Whenever we have a new student orientation, we order pizza to feed the prospective students in between painfully boring information sessions. We host new student orientations every 6 weeks, so those of us on staff look forward to this little pizza party. After serving a group of zombie-faced new students, my co-workers and I loaded up our own plates with the cheesy goodness, ready to stuff our faces.

I picked up a piece of the Domino’s Pizza and was about to take my first bite when I got this overwhelming feeling that something was wrong. It was strong enough to make me put the piece of pizza down and say out loud “well that was weird.”  I felt as though somebody or something was telling me not to eat it. I felt annoyed because I had eaten this exact same pizza for the past several months, always without problem. Is my anxiety acting up? I thought. Feeling the need to act on my foreboding feeling though, I picked up the phone and called Domino’s. 

“Hi, I’ve eaten your pizza several times before but before I eat it today I just have to ask you something. Do you put egg in your pizza dough? I am deathly allergic to it.”

The girl on the other end of the phone basically screamed “OH wow! Yes, we just started putting egg in our dough recipe last week. Wow,  please don’t eat it.” 

I hung up the phone and was speechless. By the ghostly look on my face, my coworkers immediately knew that the Domino’s employee had confirmed my bad feeling. 

Since then, a lot of other “ESP moments” have occurred. I believe one of them took place this morning. 

Yesterday I worked an almost 16-hour day and needless to say was exhausted by the time I crawled in bed at midnight. Hearing my alarm go off at 7am was just offensive. I was in a horribly depressed mood and couldn’t muster the energy or courage to come out from under the blankets. I felt like crying, punching something, and possibly injuring myself just to get a sick day from work. All the sudden I got a message from my friend, Bridget. 

“Hey girl I’m just thinking about you, for some reason you are not leaving my mind today so I feel like you had a bad night last night. I just feel like something is off with you, and I can’t stop thinking about it. I hope it’s not, but I’m picking that up from you. I love you, have a good day!”

I laughed and messaged Bridget back. That little voice message was enough to end my pity party and force me out of bed. I don’t believe it was a coincidence. Sometimes spending a lot of time with somebody can make you connect in ways you don’t realize, really important ways.

We spent a few minutes messaging each other back and forth through the Voxer app (AMAZING app, get it) and I was able to ditch the bad mood. Even the purple bags under my eyes and puffy face didn’t ruin my day.  

I am going to take the advice of my counselor and aunt and try to develop this sense more. I think it is possible, and am excited about becoming a more intuitive person. We all know mothers have incredible intuition, it’s not a made up thing. Why not try to fine tune such a convenient sense? I think that intuition in combination with opening your heart and mind to what God has to say could potentially change your life, in a pretty awesome way.

4 thoughts on ““It’s Like I Have ESPN or Something”

  1. Great post Court! I’m a big believer in intuition… I think we all just don’t listen to our guts enough when it is sending us those little pokes. I’m thrilled you didn’t eat the pizza.. we like having you around. Hope tomorrow is a better day 🙂

  2. Aww I’m thoroughly touched to be a part of another post! I also have a book about that and haven’t ever cracked it but because of you and my own self proclaimed amount of ESP I will now join you in your quest (I am not stealing your thunder I promise). I’m happy that you didn’t eat that pizza and that you were okay, albeit exhausted when we spoke 12+ hours ago!!! Aahh, hopefully the day is almost over!! Love you!

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