Angry People in the Workplace

There are some people in life that are miserable, and are therefore miserable people to be around. Being the sociology/psychology freak that I am, I find it really interesting to track these unhappy people to see if there is a connection between their moods and their places of employment. Are certain jobs making people unhappy or do unhappy people gravitate towards certain jobs? Of course there are rude and unhappy people in EVERY job, but I have noticed a trend in a select few.

Through my extremely official research (not at all), I have successfully been able to stereotype and generalize about people and their jobs. This kind of makes me a scientist, right?

Deli Workers– Seriously, what is up with deli workers? I don’t think I have encountered a friendly deli worker at a grocery store in my entire life. Why does it make you so angry to slice my meat “medium thickness”? Why must you roll your eyes when you realize you have to grab a new slab of meat from the refrigeratior that is 3 feet away!? Why do you act like my existence and carnivorous needs are the worst thing that has ever happened to you? Maybe all deli workers are vegetarians and they hate every bloody (literally) second of their job. Yeah, that’s gotta be it.

Pharmacy Technicians– I’m not going to throw Pharmacists into this carefully stereotyped analysis because most Pharmacists that I have met have actually been quite pleasant! I guess when you are making over 100 grand per year, life can’t be too shabby. Pharmacy Technicians are another story though. Whenever I’m at a pharmacy I constantly feel rushed and belittled by the staff. This is not specific to North Carolina, I have experienced Pharmacy Technician blues across the United States. Here’s an idea Pharmacy Techs, next time you are counting out Mrs. Smith’s Prozac prescription, pop one of those bad boys under your tongue and see how much happier life can be.

Tollbooth Operators– No commentary necessary. You have a right to be grumpy and rude if you are confined to a 4 x 4 box for 8 hours a day. Keep on keepin’ on you grumpy gate guard, you. (Exception: The guys from the documentary The Parking Lot Movie. It is a fantastic and touching film, watch it!)

ABC Store Clerk– Shouldn’t people that are surrounded by so much alcohol be happier? Maybe it’s like living in a touristy vacation spot, you can see everybody having fun, but you are stuck behind a counter sweating through your unforgiving polyester shirt.

Theme Park Operators– I have a feeling theme park clerks and operators suffer from the same condition as ABC store clerks (minus the frequent encounters with raging alcoholics). Working a job where every body else is having fun can be…not fun. It has got to be frustrating to sit at a minimum wage job and watch people blow your entire week’s worth of wages on cotton candy, ride tickets, and caricature drawings for little Susie.

Bank Tellers– The bank tellers at the drive-thru window are usually fine and cheery, no beef there. They give me lollipops. The ladies that usually man the counter could use a little attitude adjustment, if you ask me. Maybe it’s in my head, but I swear they look at my sad little checking/savings account digits and decide I am not worth wasting a smile or kind greeting on. Maybe they get tired of viewing (other peoples’) checking/savings accounts all day overflowing with money and constantly think “why not me?” 

While none of the above jobs are extremely well paying, I don’t think that has to do with why the people in these jobs are so cranky. I have met garbage men, janitors, career waitresses, and lawnmowers that are so cheery you’d think they were raking in 150 grand per year.

So help me out, am I generalizing too much or are  these jobs home to some of the crankiest people in America? 

6 thoughts on “Angry People in the Workplace

  1. I have to agree with all of these, but ESPECIALLY the pharm techs. It’s always been my personal belief that they are secretly just mad that they either a) didn’t become a pharmacist (or even a1–they quit pharmacy school) or b) are in school busting ass so they can become one and therefore are jealous that they’re not there yet.

  2. I LOVED this post! I agree about the majority of the people/workers! Actually all of them. I do have two friends from New York who are brother and sister and they were both toll booth employees. I could see her getting cranky but not him. He is a ray of sunshine and actually enjoyed his job. So he may fall into that last category of people. I love our drive thru tellers and refuse to go in because they apparently don’t like our account either! ;D

    • SO funny! I bet they have some stories from their toll booth days. You would love Parking Lot Movie, it’s on Netflix! It’s about these guys that work a toll booth in Virginia (right by UVA) and they are all brilliant and hysterical. Some of them have degrees in philosophy and anthropology but people treat them like crap b/c of their job. My favorite is the guy that HATES sorority girls. Anyway, you’d like it! 🙂

      • I’m currently taking a break from working as I’m spending a semester in Spain, but when I’m home I now work at the Casino, and I love it! Strangely a more depressing job than the deli, as you watch people losing their money… but it’s a lovely working atmosphere, the staff feels a bit like family sometimes! We work together, we spend holidays together, we go out together… it’s great 😀

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