Praying for Keeps

Millions of prayers whispered
As parents look down on their young

A full life
A future wife
Health, wealth, and safety

These words are prayers but more like pleas
A deal
A demand
A need

We dream of hopes for those tiny toes
And wishes for that grin
But what if all we hope for them is already within?

I pray for self-acceptance, a love for who she is
she adores her reflection in mirrors

I pray for autonomy, a wild and free spirit
She swats at my hand as I reach down to help

I pray for creativity and true expression
She paints a Picasso with lunch

I pray for mindfulness, the gift of awareness
She whispers ‘wow’ as the wind shakes the leaves

I pray for curiosity, a never-ending why
She examines every curl on the dog

I pray for inward honesty, the kind we have with ourselves
She knows what she deserves and demands it

I pray for outward honesty, the kind that makes you tremble with fear
She tells me ‘no’ when I’m begging her for ‘yes’

I pray for compassion and non-judgement within
She smiles and waves at the world

I pray for personal growth and lifelong epiphanies
She practices new skills, never caring when she falls or falters

I pray for humor and overflowing laughter
She laughs till she cries when we play

I pray for spirituality, a belief in life’s purpose and meaning
She thinks every moment is magic

I pray for her to remain
To sustain
To remember
To hold on tightly as she grows

May I nurture and support her
Not mold her, but unfold her
Remind her of all she contains

I pray for her to keep

-A Prayer for Keeps
Courtney Perry

3 thoughts on “Praying for Keeps

  1. So beautiful ~ sensitive, loving, grace-filled, and moving. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us.

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