Dear Sisters

Happy Siblings Day to my three beautiful sisters. I’m not gonna lie, I think the whole idea of “siblings day” is a bit lame, but you know what’s not lame? Having you three as siblings.

You have enriched my life beyond belief and I pray that someday my children are blessed with siblings as wonderful as you. In you three, I have found teachers, confidants, and friends. You are the ones I laugh with, cry with, and laugh so hard I cry with.

You rub my back, write me letters, and leave me rambling voice mails. You get my jokes, but aren’t afraid to tell me when they suck. You make up hundreds of ridiculous nicknames for me, each one weirder than the last.

To Charlotte I am “Carney”, to Christina I am “Wartaford”, and to Katy I am simply “Co.” I am many things to each of you, but I hope I will always be someone you can trust and lean on. I hope to be the one you call on the best day of your life when you want someone to rejoice with or the worst day of your life when you want to kill your husband, sell your children, and move to Tahiti. If I can be a fraction of the sister you three have been to me, then I will be happy. 

Thank you for helping me understand what unconditional love feels like. Thank you for finishing every conversation we have with “I love you.” Thank you for not only saying it, but showing it.  

Thank you for allowing me to change, grow, and make a lot of mistakes, and never leaving my side. I love you three with all of my heart! 

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.

~Marion C. Garretty





22 thoughts on “Dear Sisters

  1. All time favorite blog, Courtney. You four girls have brought so much joy into my life I can’t begin to tell you. Last night a man I’d just met asked me how many kids I had. When I am asked this I always respond, “four daughters.” He looked at me with amazement for a moment and then just shook his head (he had two daughters). Having three older sisters (no brothers) and now four daughters, I sometimes think God is trying to wake-up my brain — the whole, “in touch with your feminine side” thing. At 55 years old, maybe it is just starting to kick-in. 🙂 Love you, Dad

    • hhahahh awwwwh, well we could not have asked for a better dad. Whenever I tell people I have 3 sisters, they always say “your poor father.” I like to think we weren’t TOO hard on you 🙂

  2. This is so sweet!! I have only one sister who I love more than life itself and she is super quirky like me which makes for a lot of fun. I can only imagine that feeling x 3! 🙂

    Wishing you guys a happy belated siblings day! 🙂

    • Isn’t it great when you can see parts of yourself in your sisters? It makes the world feel not as big and scary. And yes, having it x3 is AWESOME. We are all so different, yet SO similar. All I know is we are a lot to handle when we are all together haha! Our husbands get exhausted.

      Happy belated siblings day to you, too!

  3. Sisters are awesome! I love the picture of you all together at your wedding. Although in the last one I can’t tell if you’re so happy you’re fighting back tears or you’re just all-smiled-out for the day?

    • I know haha, I do kind of have that “about to cry” look!! That face on me is either a) I’m trying to not laugh because one of my sisters is pinching my ass (why must they always do that in pictures?! b) I’m all smiled out for the day and there are 50 random people staring at us c) combination of both haha 😉

  4. *bigsmiles* … ok….what is the order? Who is the eldest? Youngest? Who is married?

    And … I think your sister Katy has the most wonderful name nod nods *grins*

    Happy Sister Day to you Courtney.

    • We are actually standing in our birth order! Char is on the far left, she is 18 months older than me. My sister, Christina, directly to my right is 5 years younger than me, and then Katy the baby is 18 months younger than Christina! I was such a nightmare as a kid my parents had to take a 5 year break after me, haha!! 😀 So the ages are 27, 26, 21, 20. The teenage years were rough, to say the least LOL. But now? It’s just wonderful all the time. We are all so close, and close with our parents. It’s just the best!

      So far Charlotte and I are the only ones married, we are expecting Christina to get hitched in the next two years though 🙂 My poor dad. My poor dad’s bank account, haha! He used to (jokingly) tell us that we could either go to college or get married, he couldn’t afford both. Then he amended that statement and said we could all get married and go to college, we’d just have to have a four-way joint wedding. Oops, I guess we blew that plan.

      I agree, Katy is a WONDERFUL name, heheh! Is your full name Katherine, or is it actually Katie? I love both. Do you have siblings?

      Thanks so much!

      • Ahhh, now i can figure out which one you were in the pictures where you are younger. I also see similarities in all of you. Your smiles and the way you all laugh resemble one another. And you all have such wonderful full hair. (I have stringy hair….no wonder though … the 4 of you stood at the front of the line at the Great Hair store and didn’t leave me some! lol)

        As for me…I sign things as Katherine … but most call me Katie. Siblings…nods…The eldest, my sister … she is no longer alive. But I also have 3 older brothers as well. Ok…here is the order …

        Orla – she was the eldest
        Padraig – he is the oldest male
        Sean – he was sort of the one that always got into trouble lol
        Michael – the brother I am closet in age to … and the one I get along with the best
        Katie (me) – the angel. Stop making that face damnit.

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