One of the reasons I started a blog was to keep track of life.  It blows by and so many memories, stories, and moments get lost in a sea of bigger and seemingly more important moments. I want to remember the little things, not just graduation ceremonies, weddings, and funerals. I decided to write about my feelings, sleepwalking stories, rants, family stories, or whatever else was on my mind. It didn’t matter, I just wanted to write to remember.

Every now and then, I’ll spend some time going through my old blog posts. Some of them make me cringe with their boring and rambling nature, but others surprise me with their depth and focus. Sometimes I’ll read a past post of mine and think “I wrote that?? Those don’t feel like my words.” It’s not a bad thing, it’s the exact reason I’m happy I blog. We change on a daily basis and I like being reminded of the person I was yesterday, or two years ago.

Tonight while repeatedly clicking “random post” on my blog to see what came up, an old post about marriage and relationship baggage appeared. I hadn’t read it since I wrote it back in 2011 and it was interesting reading my take on marriage back before a ring was on my finger and I had a husband to call my own. I think I had a whole 10 followers back then (what’s up family members?!), so I wanted to re-share this particular post. I like it. It still makes sense to me.  So here it is:

As a woman, I have been told from a very early age to date a man for several years before getting married. My family has warned that you cannot truly know a man until you have dated him for an extended period of time. “The longer you date before tying the knot the more likely your marriage is to succeed” I was reassured. I get that, but I also had an epiphany tonight on why it is so important to date for X amount of years before marrying.

*Before I continue with this idea of mine I’d just like to add that my sister and her wonderful husband got engaged and married extremely fast. They met, became engaged, and got married within a year if I’m not mistaken. I think their marriage is beautiful, special, and the exception to the rule. They were absolutely made for each other.

So here are my thoughts: Yes, it is important to date for several years before marriage so you can get to know someone. Not get to know someone in the way that you know how they take their coffee and eggs, but deeper. You know how that person will react in certain situations, their worst habits, and downright disgusting traits. You learn their fighting style, love style, and accept their sometimes unfortunate clothing style.

While all of these things are important, I think there is something even more important: working through problems and issues while you are still dating. A couple is going to have a lot of things to work through in the early stages of a relationship. If you don’t, maybe a truly deep level hasn’t been reached yet. When two people come together, they bring baggage. Some may come with a cute little carry-on that can be neatly stowed beneath the seat. Others bring the 20-year old haggard suitcase stuffed to the max. No wheels on that bad boy for easy transport, it is uncomfortably carried for years and eventually hurled onto the lap of the significant other.

So every couple is going to have issues to sort out, and inevitably decide whether or not they want to put up with the other persons baggage. It is easier and more fulfilling, in my opinion, to do this while dating. If you get married after a short time of knowing each other, you will run into that baggage after you are already committed (read: stuck or trapped). No animal, including humans, likes to feel trapped. If you’ve already got that ring on your finger when you realize that Sally likes to throw screaming tantrums, it’s going to be difficult. You may have doomed and helpless feelings of “this is my life for the next 50 years” or “this is who I married, this won’t change.” Crazy Sally may also be less inclined to change her attitude. She may be thinking “we are married now; I don’t have to change because THIS is who he married.”

When you are dating, you make a decision every day to stay with that person. As bad as it may get, you are choosing to stay and work through your deep-seeded issues. There is no court contract saying you have to stay with Crazy Sally, you do it because you love her and want both of you to grow together, not apart. Both parties want to improve themselves, become more balanced, and emotionally healthy. If this can’t be done, it is easy to walk away from a dating relationship, logistically speaking. Usually there are no kids, joint bank accounts, homes, cars, or pets to tie you down.

I think it is important to come to a place where you can comfortably coast on the dating plane. Baggage is in the open and sorted through, no matter how old or unsightly it may be. Of course once married you still have problems to work through and a lot of room to grow, but to me this makes sense as a setup for a lot of honest and resentment-free years of marriage.

14 thoughts on “Baggage

  1. Oh….Iliked this….and you took your own advice and figured out that you really wanted to spend your whole life with your husband *smiles*….yahhhh

    And … I loved that analogy you gave about the size of the bags…baggage…very well done nod nods.

    • Thanks, glad you liked it. You’re right, It’s easy to forget, but in addition to just having fun, I think there is something to be said about working out issues together when you don’t HAVE to be together 🙂

  2. I have bags inside of bags, so I have decided if I get to the point where I am in a serious relationship looking at marriage, we will have pre-marital counseling. Nothing can replace talking with your potential spouse and opening up, but in my case I think a third-party can help facilitate some of the communication since it has not worked so well for me before.

    That sounds like a downer, so I will just end by saying “Great post (as usual)!”.

    • I don’t think it’s a downer, I think it’s you being really smart about what you bring to the table, and making sure the other person is FULLY aware of it before you guys jump into things. If more people had your point of view, I bet there would be a lot more happy marriages out there! Who knows, the other person may have a lot scarier baggage that you would have never known about had you not done the counseling.

      Everyone has baggage, it takes a smart and humble person to own up to it and be able to throw it on the table. And I’m the BIGGEST supporter of having a third-party present. I have gotten through a lot of hard times with a counselor and I think they can diffuse a situation and bring a lot of understanding to both sides. I really admire your point of view, thanks for sharing!! Isaac and I didn’t do pre-marital counseling but I feel like the year of hardcore counseling I did by myself (with Isaac helping me through the hard times and panic attacks) really helped prepare us for marriage. He knew EXACTLY what he was getting into, lol!

    • Oh I love that, and congratulations!! I truly believe that sometimes two people meet and just KNOW they are meant to be- like you and your wife. And my sis and her husband. I can’t imagine what that would feel like, so cool!

      Where did you and your wife meet?

        • Oh yeah that’s perfect! As long as your sister was cool with you going in for the kill haha. I know that for ME, waiting was right but it definitely doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. I’m way too paranoid to jump into anything really fast haha. I like to overanalyze and over think until I drive myself insane. It’s a quality my husband has helped me tone down a bit! 🙂 it’s cool to think that you and your wife were on the same wavelength so early, too. How awkward if only one person wanted to have the marriage talk after 3 months lol.

          We dated for 4 years before getting engaged and got married at 5 years together. I think a lot of factors go into each situation- for us it just felt right to wait. I CAN say that after knowing him for a month I knew we would ALWAYS be in each others lives, we became best friends instantly. Just didn’t know I would fall for my best friend 😀

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