Weekend Recap

This weekend was exactly what I needed after my tear-filled Friday. I slept until almost 1pm on Saturday, ate BBQ, visited the in-laws, went hiking, did a family/maternity photo shoot, went wedding suit shopping with Isaac, and we booked our Honeymoon! Here are a few pictures from the over 400 that I took this weekend.

My nephew Max fully enjoying fall

Maternity shoot!

Freshly cut flowers from the store. This is my new Sunday tradition, I will buy a gorgeous bouquet for myself 🙂

Last but not least, our Honeymoon spot! We are so incredibly excited to visit Maui in March. We are going to mountain bike 28 miles down the side of a volcano, zip line through the forest, paddleboard, snorkel, eat, drink, and bum around the island for 9 days.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

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  2. Ah congrats on booking your honeymoon!! Where are you staying? Looks amazing.
    Goofy Foot surf school was great for us. And go to the magic show – Warren and Annabells!

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