Upgrading Your Vocabulary

Something I cannot stand: when people say “that’s retarded”, referring to something they don’t like or a friend acting silly. It makes me cringe and I usually can’t restrain myself from saying “please don’t say that, it’s offensive.” I’m never one to tell people what they can or cannot say, it’s your own reputation and image after all, but this one is different.

Read this letter written by John Stephens, a man with Down syndrome. He addresses Ann Coulter who recently made a “tweet” using the word “retard” in a negative way. His letter is eloquent and beautifully written; it brought tears to my eyes.

Please, before you use the word “retarded” to describe the price of gas or a company policy you disagree with, think about those around you who may have brothers, sisters, friends, or coworkers who are mentally disabled. It is insensitive and extremely disrespectful.

PS saying “that’s so gay” when referring to something you dislike also makes you look like an idiot. Instead, try cracking open a thesaurus or dictionary to expand your vocabulary, that way you can say what you are trying to express without sounding like complete jackass.

2 thoughts on “Upgrading Your Vocabulary

  1. Nicely said. Both expressions — “that’s retarded” and “that’s so gay” — are both extremely rude. I wish more people would be thoughtful about the words they’re saying how, even if they don’t mean them to, they can hurt others.


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