The Best Part About a Deployment

…is the return home

“I’ve had both kids alone for a year. It’s HIS turn.”

Thank you to all of our service men and women who sacrifice precious days, weeks, months, and years with their families so that we may live freely in this beautiful country.

This past weekend I was honored to photograph my friend Dave’s return home from Afghanistan. His wife, and my best friend, has been the definition of strength in the year that he has been gone. Without having her husband around, Bridget went through pregnancy, childbirth, doctor visits, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, emergency room visits (both for the kids and herself), family pet deaths, and sleepless nights. Dave, an Army medic, has witnessed things in the past year that most of us will never have to, God willing. I am so grateful for these friends and could not be happier that they are together again! Welcome home Dave!! 

7 thoughts on “The Best Part About a Deployment

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  4. We are so lucky to have a friend like you to capture the ups and downs of our lives with such an eloquent eye! I am still beaming from ear to ear and I’m so happy that you could join in on the celebration!! We love you Courtney!!!!

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