Nuptial Nightmares

Our wedding venue, photographer, and caterers are booked. My gown is paid for, my bridesmaids have their dresses too. The guest list is finalized. All 115 invitations are addressed, stamped, and waiting patiently to be mailed. Everything is coming together so nicely, so why do I keep having nightmares about our wedding day?

Cold feet? Definitely not.

Nervous about my insanely long walk down the aisle? Nope, I can’t wait for that part.

Scared that something will go wrong on our wedding day? No, I am realistic. I know things will happen unaccording to plan, and that is okay. If at the end of the day on March 9th Isaac and I are husband and wife, then I’d say everything went perfectly, regardless of mishaps.

The first nightmare I had was a few days ago. I dreamed that it was time for our ceremony and none of my bridesmaids were to be found. I called my Maid of Honor, Bridget, and discovered that all 9 of my bridesmaids were at a bar together getting drunk. It was too late for them to try and find rides to the ceremony so I hung up and tearfully decided to proceed without them. I made my way into the beautiful covered walkway that my dad and I will walk through before we reach the actual aisle, before I see my husband in waiting.  

I excitedly waited for my bridal march to play, only to be horrified when the first notes of  “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” came spewing through the surround sound speakers. I refused to make my entrance to this song, I have hated it forever. I don’t just dislike it, I loathe it. Hearing that song makes me want to punch babies and smother kittens. Yes, it’s that serious. Anyway, the pastor’s wife came sprinting into the covered walkway and informed me that the DJ only brought one CD with him to the wedding, and the only song on it was “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” Great. 

I woke up horrified from my nightmare, but did find some humor in it after realizing it was only a dream. Thank goodness my bridesmaids aren’t big drinkers and my DJ is insanely organized and anal retentive. I don’t think I’ll be dealing with either nightmare situation on our actual wedding day. 

The next nightmare came two nights after the first one. It was time to put my dress on and when I pulled it out of the garment bag, it was not at all what I had expected. The tailor had decided to make a few last minute changes without consulting me. She cut off all the fabric under the bust line of the dress and replaced it with black lace. Black, ugly, itchy, SEE THROUGH lace. I think I ended up wearing it and giving my guests a nice show during my stroll down the aisle. 

I’m not sure why these nightmares are occurring, but to be honest they are a welcome break my regular dreams of intruders and spiders. Wedding day disasters I can handle. Being chased by a serial killer or nibbled on by a 200-pound spider I cannot. 

4 thoughts on “Nuptial Nightmares

  1. Those are some awesomely awful nightmares! I agree, preferable to being chased by a serial killer though–especially when you can wake up and realize those things are not going to happen. I expect my own “nuptial nightmares” will ramp up closer to the date (we’re still over 8 months away)…but hopefully not!

  2. No other reaction then laughter from this girl! I think your subconscious is saying “look these are the worst things that could happen so on your day you’ll let the small stuff roll off your back and if something bad does actually happen your drunk bridesmaids won’t let you know about it”! LOL I LOVE your dreams even if they are creepy!!

  3. Wedding nightmares are the worst/funniest! The one reoccurring “wedmare” I had was I was marrying my ex instead of B and no one would listen to me that it was the wrong person! Ugh, it was awful!!! The worst part? I STILL have this nightmare every once in a while.

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