Additions to the Ever Growing Pet Peeve List

 The more time I spend with people, the bigger my pet peeve list becomes. Either I need to work on my patience, or people just need to stop being so annoying. 😀 

When adults make a huge deal out of the fact that it’s their birthday and complain that they shouldn’t have to work that day. You’re an adult. If you firmly believe that you should have the day off then take a vacation day. Please don’t come to work and whine that you are the birthday princess who shouldn’t have to lift a finger.

When you are blushing and somebody says “oh my gosh look how red you are getting!!” I hate it when it’s said to me and I hate hearing it said to others. The sole purpose of pointing out that someone is blushing is to humiliate him or her even further. Don’t you think the sudden face-on-fire feeling alerts the person to his or her blushing?

People (above the age of 10) who call their parents “mommy” and “daddy”

Parents who smoke with their children in the car

People who do not understand social cues and continue to talk while being ignored


Also this

The end (and sorry).

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