The Things They Do Alone

It’s easy to take our spouses for granted. When he has left the toilet seat up again or she ate crackers in bed and left a nice layer of crumbs across the Egyptian cotton sheets (guilty), we can be quick to snap. It’s easy to forget how many men and women would welcome and even laugh at these minor annoyances, if it meant their spouses could be home.

I grew up in a military family where my dad was often sent away on business trips so I have seen firsthand how difficult life is for a single military mother or father. Trying to manage a household, children, bills, and missing a spouse is no easy task.

This past year I have watched my dear friend, Bridget, do an incredible job raising her children and managing life with her husband in another country. Through military blackouts, bad Skype connections, missed holidays, and even childbirth, she has prevailed. Not only has she been holding things together, she has done so with a smile on her face and manages to still be available for her friends in need. In fact just yesterday she sent me pictures of decorations she was crafting for my wedding next year, with her whole 10 minutes of free time. I think she defines the word selfless! 

Today my heart is with Bridget, and all military families, who have to go through life’s happiest and hardest moments alone. Family and friends may offer support, but when a spouse is gone there is a hole left that only he or she can fill.  Today Bridget had to say goodbye to her sweet dog, Schatzy, a pain that I also recently experienced for the first time. My heart breaks for her, and I feel so grateful for the military families that sacrifice so much for our freedom. 

Today I am thankful for our troops and their families for the things they do alone…


2 thoughts on “The Things They Do Alone

  1. This is beautiful Courtney.. and yes, I totally agree – Bridget Rocks!! Bridget, I’m so sorry about your pup. They truly are members of our families!

  2. I have now read this three times and have cried every time. I’m not crying for the loss of my girl but because of your wonderfully kind words. Thank you so much for your love and compassion! I love you!!

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