A (hopefully) Persuasive Letter to Corporate Chipotle

My dream is for my wedding next year to be catered by Chipotle. This is a slight problem because Chipotle doesn’t cater. Yesterday, my crack dealer local Chipotle manager informed me about a “Chipotle Truck” that drives around Texas serving food on-the-go. The truck has been known to venture to other states at times and has even gone to a 350-person wedding before. Suddenly, my dream didn’t seem too far off, I knew what had to be done. Here’s hoping my persuasive speech class in college paid off. [I took out my city and last name for this post]

Dear Chipotle Executives,

My name is Courtney Mylastname and I live in cityIlivein, NC. I am writing to you today with a specific goal and desired outcome in mind. Seeing as how you probably receive a lot of email, I will get right to the point.

I am obsessed with your food and nothing (seriously, nothing) would make me happier than to have my wedding on March 9, 2013 catered by Chipotle. I understand Chipotle does not currently cater events (other than pre-rolled burritos) but I would like to tell you why you should for my wedding.  

Today marks the fifth day in a row that I have eaten Chipotle for lunch. Over the last three years, on average, I have eaten there 3 times a week. I’m willing to offer up my bank records for proof! I have severe food allergies to several different foods and Chipotle is the only place I can eat and not worry about an anaphylactic reaction.  

I work at a college where I am known as “the Chipotle girl” and have recruited at least 20 new Chipotle addicts in the CityIlivein area.

This week after eating Chipotle 5 times (and working out) I lost 2 pounds. Eating healthy and staying fit is extremely important to me and I have become a walking testimony at my gym and in the community that Chipotle is an effective and healthy way to stay trim.

One of the managers at my local Chipotle has informed me about a successful marketing venture called the Chipotle Truck. I understand that it is currently located in Texas and want to know what it would take to have it visit North Carolina? Would it require me dressing up like a burrito and getting on local news to express my love for Chipotle? Done! Would collecting letters of recommendation from every Chipotle manager in North Carolina help? Because I will do it. Do you want me to name my first born child Steve Ells, regardless of the sex? I’ll think about it.

So, burrito gods and goddesses, with my heart on my guacamole stained sleeve, I hope you will consider my request of having the Chipotle Truck come to my 200-person wedding next March. I would love to hear from you about how I can make this happen. I am certain that our guests in attendance from all over the country will not only enjoy the Chipotle Truck experience, but will feel the need to tell their friends back home about your innovative and delicious company. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Courtney Mylastname

I sent the letter last night and am waiting for a response. I’ll let you know what they say! Should they decline my request, I will be submitting letters of recommendation from the local Chiptole staff that I have come to know so well in the past few years.

17 thoughts on “A (hopefully) Persuasive Letter to Corporate Chipotle

  1. A+ for effort.
    My friend had Chipotle cater her rehearsal dinner. I died of happiness. Then I came back to life because I had not yet finished my burrito bowl.
    I also got married in 2013! We had salmon and chicken but now I envy your Qdoba.

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  3. I love this and I love you!! I was laughing like crazy reading this and dressing up like a burrito sounds kinda fun actually. If you have a girl I would vote for the name to be stevey not just Steve ;).

  4. WOW!! If I was an executive at Chipotle I’d jump on this — in fact, I’d not only provide a catered wedding, I’d pay for it as well! (Hint Hint to Chipolte — guess you can tell I’m the father of the bride! 🙂 Great post, Courtney!!

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