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It took me awhile to jump onto the iPhone bandwagon. I just got my first iPhone 5 months ago, which is surprising because I am a true and loyal Apple product fan. I didn’t want the iPhone because so many people already had it and raved about it constantly (reasonable logic, right?). It’s like when Avatar came out and everyone and their mother was calling it the “next Star Wars.” How obnoxious. This naturally made me want to never see the movie.  
Well folks, much like Avatar, I am glad I listened to millions of Americans and jumped on the bandwagon. I love my iPhone. It is everything I have ever wanted in a boyfriend personal assistant friend calendar gaming device camera cellular device, and more. The best part about the iPhone? When bored in a meeting or feeling awkward in a social situation, you can whip it out and start pressing buttons frantically, giving off the impression that your life is extremely important and you are in high demand at that VERY second. Those around you have no idea that you actually just achieved level 55 in Draw Something with your BFF Jessie.
I’m not a HUGE “app user”, but I have found a few that have drastically increased my quality of life. Here are my top 5:
Draw Something
Draw Something is the iPhone version of Pictionary. Not only is it fun to see the horrible drawings that your friends create, it is interesting to get a glimpse into how the creative brains of others work. You will find that some people you have really great “draw chemistry” with while others… not so much. The only bad thing about this game is it is a bit of a time commitment. Right now I have 20 friends waiting on me to guess their drawing. I get overwhelmed and have to stop playing for a few days. So I’m sorry to all those waiting on my move, I’ll get to you soon I promise! Here are some of my recent favorites:

I kept screaming at Isaac from upstairs "WHAT IS THIS BLOODY BIRD?!" It's an eagle.

Sometimes it's in the small details. The answer was "wrestler."

What can I say, Draw Something brings out my inner teenage boy

Instagram (IG) is about as popular as Facebook nowadays it seems. It is basically a social network made up of only pictures. Instagram allows you to upload your photos, filter with some cool effects, and post to your page. Other IG users can “like” and comment on any of your pictures. It has been fun to see photos from other users all around the world! My username is “cwourt”…find me!

I discovered Postagram a few days ago and I am HOOKED. It is a free application that allows you to upload a picture from your phone, Instagram account, or Facebook account and it will be made into a postcard. You can type in whatever message you want and the stylish card will be mailed within 24 hours to whomever you want. The best part? It only costs 99 cents including shipping AND the picture can be popped out of the card and saved by the recipient. I have already sent about 15 postcards and I guarantee I will be sending many more. It only takes about 10 seconds to send an adorable and personalized postcard to a loved one. It’s so much more meaningful than a “hey how r u?” text, and just as easy.

Emoji Emoticons
Because sometimes emoticons>words

mom, mommy, mama, ma, mom, mum, mummy, mother, mommy...

The classy way to ask out your fiance for Mexican food

Reddit Pics
You may or may not be a redditor, but either way this app is great. With just the tap of your finger, you can browse through thousands of hilarious, cute,  inspiring, moving, and even WTF type pictures. Makes for great bathroom browsing or freedom from mind numbing meetings.

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