Chocolate Tears

Remember my Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret post? I shared pictures of a one year old binging on birthday cake and the regret that it later caused. Well, last night I had my own binge fest. Much like little Nolan, I also cried. Between the hours of 3pm and 9pm I ate a large serving of lasagna, a fully loaded burrito bowl from Qdoba, 3 large pieces of pizza smothered in goat cheese, and 10 chocolate covered strawberries. I felt like a bottomless pit most of the night. A few minutes after finishing my last chocolate strawberry, I felt a horrible combination of guilt, pain, nausea, and a touch of ecstasy. So here is how my night started:

Come ON, how sweet is he?

Then this happened (after the three huge NY style slices of pizza)…

Which led to this…

Hitting the coma stage:

After admitting to Isaac that I had eaten lasagna and a burrito bowl a few hours earlier, he became worried, and rightfully so! I insisted I was going to barf so he made us go on a walk outside in the 35 degree weather. The photo below is possibly one of the lowest points in my life, I was literally crying. I don’t know if it was more from the guilt of all the calories/saturated fat I had just consumed or the feeling of my food bubbling up into my esophagus because my stomach just didn’t have any more room for it.

Those that know me personally know how hard I have been working at the gym lately. I could not BELIEVE the amount of junk food I had just put into my body. But, everyone needs a cheat day. This cheat day should hold me over for the next month.

 Isaac was also crying, from laughing so hard at this entire chain of events. It all happened so quickly. How nice of him to document it, huh? :-p

 I went to bed that night realizing that the next morning was going to be brutal.

To my surprise, it really wasn’t that bad! No stomach ache, just a slight guilt hangover.

The dirty evidence

9 thoughts on “Chocolate Tears

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  2. Yes! There is something called “chocolate crazy cake” that is made with no egg, no milk, no butter, and it is AMAZING. It is a recipe from the Great Depression. I’ve been eating it since I was a baby! You should check it out.

  3. Ha! Nibbles. I remember you saying someone stated you ate all the time, and you replied with, “Because I’m always hungry.”

    You deserved it! I watch you “nibble,” and your nibble choices are always so healthy- oatmeal, fruit, etc..etc. I think one day of wacky is healthy, especially mentally.

    I have cake in my fridge from a neighbor. It’s eveeeeel. Want some? 😛

    • Haha exactly! That same person asked me “are you sick or do you have a disease or something where you have to eat a lot?” HAHA! “um, no, I’m just hungry” So funny.

      What kinda cake?? It probably has egg in it, or I would be ALL over it! 😀

      • Chocolate w/ white icing! And yes. It’s from Dewey’s, so I’m pretty sure it has egg. It was a ‘joke’ offer after your post and the one w/ Nolan. I wouldn’t let you have any anyway- at least not until NEXT month and the start of your calorie budget. an eggless, low calorie cake possible? I must Google! I’m sure it must be! Anything is possible!

  4. Bahaha. Only 1k+ over your cals!!

    I didn’t have a single piece of chocolate/candy. There’s a positive side to not having a sweet tooth.

    And seriously. Where do you put all that food? You’re tiny!

    • Don’t have a sweet tooth!? Oh my, I cannot imagine. I could eat dessert for every meal and be happy. Are you a salty person instead?

      I think I have FINALLY trained my metabolism into high gear! For the past year I have been on a weird eating schedule, I eat ever 1-2 hours. It is a CONSTANT thing throughout the day, so much so that I have gained the nickname “nibbles” at one of my jobs. At my other job I have my own refrigerator b/c I bring so much food! Granted, I eat HEALTHY food throughout the day, but I really think that has made me digest food super quick. I’ll take it!

    • hahah I opened the fridge this morning and saw a few choco covered strawberries and SERIOUSLY almost got sick! When I eat chocolate and pizza, I REALLY eat chocolate and pizza. Go big or go home.

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