What Do You Miss?

Every day I am emailed a blogging topic from WordPress. It is part of a “post every day challenge” that they have. I definitely don’t have the time to post every day, and rarely find their prompt ideas interesting, but this particular prompt made me think. It was simply “what do you miss?” So here we go.

I miss

  • Nickelodeon in the 90’s. Pete & Pete, Clarissa Explains It All, Salute Your Shorts, etc. TGIF was the best
  • Living in the same house with all of my family members. Yes, my sisters and I fought a lot about clothes, our shared bathroom, telephone time, and who ate the last cookie, but I miss it. All of it.
  • Playing “Battle of the Sisters” on car rides. My dad created this trivia game and we would play almost every time we were in the car
  • Mom’s cooking
  • Eating seafood. I curse the day my body decided to become allergic to shellfish/fish!
  • Dad’s breakfasts on Saturday morning
  • Jr/High school church retreats
  • My grandparents beach house. Yes, I always got yelled at for tracking sand in the house and for running on the sand dunes, but I miss it.
  • Holiday’s at my Nana’s house with all of my cousins. I miss all of my cousins, especially Tim.
  • Working with dolphins. I hate the fact that  I no longer see those smiling gray faces on a daily basis. It has been hard for me to accept that I CHOSE to stop working with them, and I have often wondered if I made a mistake. My development of a fish allergy has helped me accept my choice; I guess God decided for me that I am not meant to work with captive dolphins. I don’t think I’ve heard of a vegetarian dolphin, or a dolphin that only eats red meat. If you know of one, let a sista know?
  • Horseback riding. For a brief moment in my life, I wasn’t deathly allergic to horses. I so miss the feeling of riding a horse.
  • Playing on a sports team. I have played around with the idea of joining an intramural softball league. Maybe one of these days!
  • SCUBA diving
  • The days before Facebook. I LOVE Facebook, I really do. It has helped me re-establish friendships that I thought were lost, keep up with family members across the US, and friends across the world. But Facebook is also addictive. I sometimes wish I called certain people more often, but feel I don’t HAVE to because I can see that they are doing just fine on Facebook. Also, Facebook has made stalking kind of socially acceptable, how odd. This one kind of goes along with smart phones too; My iPhone is my favorite toy, but sometimes I miss my phone that could just make phone calls!

So true. I've actually had a run in with this before but caught myself before saying something to a complete stranger whose facebook I had stumbled upon. YIKES!!

  • Rescue 911. Remember that TV show? Loved it!
  • My dog, Chester
  • The feeling of having a summer vacation. Now, summer just means there is less traffic on my way to work at 7:30am and I am more sweaty
  • Sleepovers with best friends. Now that we all have babies, husbands, boyfriends, husbands with boyfriends on the side (kidding), and jobs to juggle, it’s just not as easy!
  • Living in California
  • The days when as kids, we could leave the house at 8am and return at sunset. Spending all day outside and our parents didn’t have to worry
  • While there is not ONE part of me that misses living in the city Tampa, I terribly miss living 15 minutes from my parents. Seeing them several times a week was so nice
  • When music didn’t suck. There are a few good ones nowadays but for the most part, it’s atrocious. Ke$ha, Rebecca Black, Owl City, my ears they bleed!

  • The days when mom writing a note for me could get me out of school. If only a note from mom could get me out of work with no repercussions
  • When Heath Ledger wasn’t dead, he was so pretty. I also miss being young and naive and thinking that I actually had a change with my celebrity crushes. I used to SWEAR that Jonathan Taylor Thomas and I were going to meet, fall in love, get married, and have 1,000 beautiful miniature JTT babies.
  • Always having a fully stocked fridge and the best snack food. Now I really appreciate how much my mom did to make sure we always had a TON of food to choose from. No wonder I was such a chunker 🙂
  • Being able to match clothes with your friends/sisters and it be super cool

9 thoughts on “What Do You Miss?

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  2. This was such a sweet read. It really brought me back to Saturday mornings when I cooked breakfast for my step sis (our parents worked those mornings) and Nick played a repeat of- you guessed it! Clarissa & Pete and Pete.

    Now, every Sunday, I have a sit down breakfast day for myself and Aiedyn, and just think! One day when you are a mom, you can do the same thing. You can relive all of those missed moments through your own children, even when you don’t mean to. It’s memorable moments that make you and they stick with you your entire life. Though with Aiedyn, instead of Pete & Pete, he had this, which they used to play on Nick Jr. Enjoy! LOL!

  3. How about “Hey Dude” and “Guts” ?! Oh man those shows were good. High school church retreats?! Yes! I wish you had chosen a particular pic on Facebook to go along with that one! 😀 Living in California?! I WISH!!! And I don’t miss living in Tampa, USA either. BAH!

    • HAHA I totally forgot you posted that retreat pic on Facebook awhile back. I’ll go dig it up and add to the post 🙂 Yes, loved “Hey Dude” AND “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” Isaac and I were just talking about “The Secret Life of Alex Mack” the other day too, remember that one?

      • OMG I was so scared of “Are You Afraid of the Dark” that I would almost cry every time I saw that damn flame come on the TV! Ugh! And Alex Mack … yes!

  4. What a sweet post.

    I’m so glad I moved back to be closer to my family. Home truly is where the heart (family, for me) is.

    I always loved hearing your stories of working with the dolphins.

    I did a post recently about things from the 80’s I missed. TV was so innocent back then. In the 90’s too.

    And, siblings are the best. Period.

  5. Aww, I used to LOVE Clarissa explains it all! I too miss Heath Ledger and sleepovers! I have to admit that this post made me a little upset! Maybe some day in the future you will be re acquainted with some of these things and you will no longer miss them anymore!

    • I know I realized after writing it that it is a bit sad, but I am also so fortunate to have so many memories and things that I DO miss. When I start having my own kids Isaac and I can start our own family dinners, Saturday morning breakfasts, and made up car trivia games, THAT I cannot wait for. So yes, I think I WILL be re acquainted with all of the things I love. And there’s always DVD’s of Clarissa Explains It All 😉

      This list inspired me to write a list of “things I don’t miss”…that will be coming soon haha

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