Letters From Santa

Last year, I created “Nice List” certificates and letters from Santa to send to a few kids I know. Pretty soon, I had friends of friends and complete strangers asking me for letters! Their kids were LOVING them. I decided to make it into a mini business this year based on last year’s feedback!

If you know a boy or girl who deserves a Santa’s Nice List certificate and personalized letter, check out my store! Nothing beats the face of your child as he or she discovers a package straight from the North Pole!





3 thoughts on “Letters From Santa

  1. if you need a partner to pen Naughty List letters please keep me in mind. It’s a special talent I have. If not me, then maybe Jamie at Fits of Wit could fill in nicely.

    I would love to purchase from you but my 22 year old just learned last August that there is, indeed, no Santa Clause. However, I think he did meet a sweet young thing named Virginia.

    • Hahha I actually have created some Naughty List certificates for some of the very naughty adults in my life!! 😀 I do agree though, Jamie could add some amazing dialogue to a Naughty Letter!

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