No Flight, No Fight–Simply Surrender

I’m excited to share with you another Huffington Post article of mine that went live today! You may recognize parts of it, as it is a revised & edited version of one of my previous posts on The Other Courtney. Check it out and pass along to anyone struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, or any difficult situation in general. Acceptance can heal us in so many ways, I’m learning that the more I practice it.


Fighting off your debilitating panic attacks often seems like the only option. But is it? Struggling with chronic anxiety is like living in a boxing ring with an invisible opponent. You don’t really want to be in the ring, you can’t seem to find a way out, and you’re not sure how you were dragged into this fight. But here you are again facing the familiar rapid pulse, shallow breathing, and intolerable dread. The harder you fight off the panic attack, the more you suffer. Each blow is more damaging than the last. Even when your opponent isn’t landing punches, you live in constant fear of his looming presence. Your opponent only gains strength as you grow more mentally, physically, and emotionally depleted during the days, weeks, or even years of fighting. The opposite of fighting is surrendering, and accepting defeat does not make you a winner. Or does it?

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