2013 In Pictures


My niece, Hailey, was born! She’s adorable and my two-year-old nephew calls her “Haywee” which makes her even more adorable somehow. To me, she is Baby H or Hays.


Also, I endured one of the worst allergic reactions of my life as far as non-life-threatening allergic reactions go. I spent the better part of January and February looking like a complete monster, and three doctors brushed me off saying it was “emotional stress” or “rosacea.” This was all occurring in the weeks leading up to my wedding, so you can imagine how stressful that was. I recently sent a thank you card to my dermatologist for saving my face, and my wedding pictures. He was truly an answer to prayer as he diagnosed me within minutes of meeting me, and made the terrible nightmare end. Through all this, I learned that I am highly allergic to anything that contains Vitamin E, and was actually really thankful for this knowledge. I just wish it didn’t happen 3.5 weeks before my wedding, but hey what can you do? What a January/February it was.

These pictures actually don't even do it justice. Scary, right?

These pictures actually don’t even do it justice. Scary, right?

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I’m not going to lie, February was consumed by wedding activities, wedding talk, and more wedding talk. We got our marriage license, so that was pretty awesome. We had our bachelor/bachelorette weekends, bridal shower, and we enjoyed our last month as single people.


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do I even have to say it?





Honeymooning in Hawaii

Honeymooning in Hawaii

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We went to “just look” at a little puppy in South Carolina. We just wanted to “see what we thought” and “if we should add a puppy to our family.” Please see next month’s post.


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We added Henri (aka Henrietta, Hen, Wazz, Monster, Lord Wazzington) to the family. She has brought so much happiness to our lives, and we can hardly remember what filled our weekends and down time before her. The best part is she totally has a kick ass “coming home” story. We thought she was a boy for the entire first week we had her, hence the tomboy name. And no, we didn’t really notice that she was missing a penis, okay?? She was fluffy, and we didn’t really think to look. The breeder accidentally gave us the wrong dog, and it’s a mistake I thank God for often! She is our perfect dog.





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I’ve looked through my old blog posts, pictures, facebook posts, phone, I can’t find one interesting thing that happened in my life in June. So here is a picture I took of a bubble. It was in June. So there.


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My baby sister got engaged! It was especially meaningful because I photographed the whole thing, it was magical. There are some moments in life that make your heart feel full to the point of bursting – this was one of them.




A moment in July that did not make my heart feel full was battling strep throat au naturel. It was honestly one of the most terrifying times in my life, knowing how dangerous strep throat can be left untreated. Due to my antibiotic allergies, I treated it with honey, cayenne pepper, garlic, and apple cider vinegar. It actually worked, and I’ve never been more relieved.


Absolutely terrible tasting, but effective

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I was published in the Huffington Post! Thanks to my aunt for encouraging me throughout the process, and keeping me going along the way. She has this way of helping me out of writer’s block, sparking my creative flow, and making me feel confident no matter what I’m writing about. It’s no wonder she is a successful author and currently teaches writing classes in Seattle. It was so exciting being published, and I am particularly proud of the topic I was writing about. I love talking about my anxiety struggles, I think so many people deal with mental health issues and feel ashamed to open up about them. Talk! Let the world see your crazy! I started this blog because my therapist told me to start writing about my experiences and it has led to some pretty amazing connections, perspective shifts, and opportunities.


That’s my article, that top one there! Woohoo!

Isaac graduated from business school, so I finally got my husband back! I’ve never seen someone with such dedication and perseverance, and I love seeing it pay off.  It’s neat seeing him use the knowledge he learned in school at his new job. I don’t understand 98% of the acronyms he uses or the other businessey things he talks about, but I’m very proud of that man! After he graduated we took off to Seabrook Island for a week to celebrate.



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I got arrested during a graduation ceremony for my students.

Okay, just kidding I definitely wasn’t arrested. But I did meet a cop, and we were standing around bored, so I asked him to pretend arrest me because I am no rebel, so I’ll *probably* never know what being handcuffed feels like. I know, it sounds a little kinky, but it wasn’t.


Also, published another article in The Huffington Post after the molasses spill in Hawaii.

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We went to the Woolly Worm Festival in the mountains. And it was no joke, every year about 30,000 people travel to a tiny town near Boone, NC to race caterpillars. Yes, you read that right. Picture a state fair with no rides, and about 20,000 more caterpillars.




Also, my beautiful grandmother turned 80! She looks stunning. I hope to look half as good at 60!


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Thanksgiving in the mountains with my family, always a highlight of my year.

Our cabin view

Exploring the mountains with my girl

Isaac left his job working in human cornea transplantation, a pretty big milestone considering how long he’s worked there. I’ve enjoyed learning more about human tissue transplantation than I ever thought I would, and I know thousands of people around the world can now see because of this company’s efforts. Very cool.


We also did our first vacation with the pup! It was a blast, she loved every second of it. We have pretty much decided that everything is more fun with a dog, with our dog.





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Happy Holidays from our family to yours! Thankful for a wonderful 2013 and can’t wait for an even better 2014. 

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14 thoughts on “2013 In Pictures

  1. What a fun read Courtney!! You and Isaac sound deliriously happy together; that’s a wonderful feeling I hope you two will enjoy for many, many years to come!

    • Pshhhh I’m sure it’s been more exciting than you remember! Try going back through old facebook posts/blog posts to see what you’ve been up to! I mean please, my June post was a picture of a bubble, LOL. Not exactly earth shattering material there 😉 Hope you had a great Christmas!

  2. Super fun to read. I wish I could comment on every aspect of it. Congrats on your Huffington Post articles. Do you submit to them or do they just find your posts? Your puppy is a doll. You know I love him. You have inspired me to try and do something like this before the year ends. Happy holidays!

    • Thanks so much. Yes, I submitted them and they either approve it and give you a login to start publishing for their site, or they never get back to you haha. I was very thrilled and honored to be admitted! I would love to read your year in review post, definitely do one! 🙂

  3. I love reading year-end summaries. Your dog is aaaadorable, I die. And your face allergies are absolutely terrifying, I’m glad they calmed down in time for your wedding, GEEZE! Agh.

    • Thanks so much! I know, isn’t that ridiculous? And those pics don’t even do it justice…it was unreal. The worst part was having to go to work in the throes of that reaction! It was horrifying, and people were NOT nice or tactful when asking about it. I guess it toughened up my skin a bit more though, haha.

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