Thanksgiving Highlights

It’s almost Christmas so I figured it’s probably time to go ahead and write my Thanksgiving post.


Thanksgiving was wonderful. My entire family gets together every year for Thanksgiving, and we just keep growing and growing. This year we had 13 people all crammed into one noisy, messy cabin!

The day we were supposed to head up to the mountains, there was some pretty crappy weather, ice and snow and such . I called my family members who were already at the cabin to see if Isaac and I should even leave our house (2 hours from there) and head to the mountains or if it would be too dangerous. The feedback I got was hilarious (but not so much at the time)…

Mom: It’s pouring snow right now, you definitely shouldn’t come up here! I can’t even see the ground, it’s really icy too.

Sister #1: I’m not sure if it’s bad or not, it might be okay?

Brother-in-law: There’s some sleet and freezing rain happening right now, not sure how it’ll be to drive in

Sister #2: There is literally nothing coming out of the sky right now, the grounds don’t look bad either. Come up here!

All these contradicting reports happened within 5 minutes of each other. Isaac and I took our chances and hit the road, and I’m so glad we did. The roads were a bit sketchy but in his parent’s Subaru, we made it just fine. The path to the cabin was narrow and about 35 minutes up back, gravel-filled mountain roads! The whole way there I just kept thinking, “no allergic reactions this weekend, Courtney. There would be no time to get to a hospital.” Thankfully, I stayed safe and allergic-reaction free thanks to my mom who basically cooked me an entire separate Thanksgiving meal just to make sure none of my food was contaminated.

Before heading to the cabin, I put together a “Newlywed Game” for us to play. Now that 3/4 of us are hitched (or soon to be hitched), I figured it would be a great time to play! It was hilarious and did not disappoint. Here is a PDF copy of the game I made in case you want to play it with your own friends or family! There are hundreds of questions, so you can pick ones you think would be fun/funny/least likely to spark a fight with your spouse. (I am still amazed at how at least 10 answers from my husband, no matter the question, all related to my problem with credit card addiction/debt, LOL)…

Surprisingly, Isaac and I won! I was shocked because I often have memory problems when it comes to my loved ones. I barely remember birthdays, interests, and general facts about them. I’m not sure why, it has nothing to do with how  much I care about a person, I just don’t remember details sometimes. Now, that’s not always true, sometimes I really stupid, insignificant details about someone…who knows why some stick and others float away?

One of my favorite parts of the game was the question, “If your spouse was a cartoon character, who would he/she be?” So the boys had to write who they think they would be, and who they think their wives would be. This is where The Newlywed Game really shows some insight into marriage, and what it does to your brain.

The man who is engaged to my sister and is set to be married in May said that my sister would be Jessica Rabbit.


(sexy, womanly, she’s JESSICA RABBIT!)

Isaac said that as a cartoon character I would be Olive Oyl from Popeye. (married 8 months)


(womanly, a little goofy, fickle)

Alex said that my older sister, Charlotte, would be Yosemite Sam. (married 6 years)


(temperamental, and a MAN)

Notice a trend here!? The longer they’ve been together/married, the more the wife morphs into a less sexy, less sane and tolerable person. Sometimes she even turns into a man. We all thought it was hysterical though.

Another favorite moment of the game was when the question was asked, “what was the moment you knew that your spouse was the one and you knew you’d get married?” My sister’s boys put sweet answers, and then there was my husband. His answer?

When we were on our first Valentine’s date together and she had explosive diarrhea the whole night.

I almost got explosive diarrhea again from laughing so hard…um WHAT??!!!??? We were all roaring with laughter and asking Isaac why the hell that was when he decided I was the one for him. He kept swearing he misheard the question, but he could never quite tell us what he thought the question *was* that would warrant an answer like that. I guess thank God I had an allergic reaction and shat my brains out that night, otherwise I may not be married to my super fine, poop loving husband, would I???

Other than playing games, drinking, hot tubbing, discovering horses on a hike, eating, and lounging in sweatpants for 5 days, we didn’t do much. I’m so thankful for this special week of the year, it’s the only time we get to all be together and my heart feels so incredibly full.

7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Highlights

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  2. Sounds like a great week! Is that a golden doodle? You should definitely let her sleep on the bed. I didn’t let mine for the first three years, but now I do and I LOVE CUDDLING WITH HIM.

    • It was fantastic! She’s actually a mini labradoodle 🙂 I would love her to sleep with us all the time but because of our allergies, she mainly stays downstairs. I’m not allergic to HER, but the outdoor allergens that stick to her coat are no good for me, so we just don’t want her in our bedding. Sometimes I’ll let her lay on the end of my bed while I’m watching TV though 😀 We also cuddle constantly on the couch heheheh. What kind of dog do you have?

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