Fall Photo Crazed

This Fall, I’ve been going a bit photo crazy. I’ve been traveling, doing some random photo shoots for friends and my students, and just enjoying being behind the lens again. Here are some of the projects I’ve been working on lately!

Chinese Lovebirds in North Carolina

One of Isaac’s classmates from business school asked me to take photos of him and his girlfriend. They both moved here from China a few years ago to attend graduate school and don’t have plans of leaving the U.S. anytime soon. She’s taking a job in NYC and he is moving to Boston, so they wanted some photos around campus, where they met and fell in love.

IMG_6411 IMG_6475 IMG_6521 IMG_6537IMG_6573 IMG_6625 IMG_6685 IMG_6742 IMG_6745 IMG_6776

Woolly Worm Festival in the Mountains

Every year, nearly 30,000 people travel to Banner Elk, North Carolina to attend the woolly worm festival. It is a tiny town, and believe me, it felt like there were 30,000 people there when we were trying to find parking outside the festival. A woolly worm festival is where kids (and lots of adults, too!) get woolly worms and race them, and the winner actually gets a couple thousands dollars. Yes, it’s very “North Carolinian”, but it was fun. I loved being in the mountains with Isaac’s family and enjoying the most perfect fall weather.

IMG_6808 IMG_6810 IMG_6835 IMG_6841 IMG_6854 IMG_6870 IMG_6929 IMG_6953 IMG_6959


Kobi in the Park

A few weeks ago a student of mine came into school to sign some papers and she had her son with her. I took one look at him an said “I must photograph him.” He was that cute. We only got about 10 minutes of photos out of him, he is only three years old after all, but I am in love with his little face, smile, hair, everything! Here is Kobi, the little dude should be a model. Even his silly faces are adorable.



IMG_6999 IMG_7023 IMG_7059

8 thoughts on “Fall Photo Crazed

    • Thank you! I had so much fun photographing the ducks- I think I sat out there for over an hour! The Chinese couple is going to be living apart for awhile 😦 He is just doing a residency in Boston though, so I have a feeling they’ll be back together right after. They are both very much in love, I can definitely see it working out! I hope so anyway. They came all the way from two different cities in China to the US and met here, I think it’s meant to be 😀 I hope so!

    • Thank you! I know, isn’t it the funniest thing?! I had no idea before this year. And 30,000 people traveling to a small mountain town is just absurd!! All for the little furry creatures 🙂

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