Marriage Is

It’s only been a few months, but I’ve learned a few things about marriage here and there. Some are silly, some are sweet, some are downright ridiculous, but I’ve come to learn that all the little things are what make up a marriage. So what is it to me so far?

Marriage Is:

Not getting embarrassed when you think your husband is gone so you sing Justin Timberlake at the top of your lungs, only to have husband walk in your room

Husband doesn’t even address the fact that you were belting out JT. He keeps talking to you like normal. Score!

Not having to say you’re sorry saying “I’m sorry” often, and not just saying it but meaning it. And saying what you’re sorry for. Blanket apologies (“sorry for whatever I said or did that you didn’t like”) don’t fly around here

Being flexible

Laughing instead of getting mad

Husband dismissing himself to “go study upstairs” or “shower and go to bed”…and then hearing him play drums for the next hour

Leaving him alone to play drums- we both need our introvert time πŸ™‚

Making up stupid songs while doing laundry, washing dishes, and every other mundane task

Rubbing his back even though you hate it and complain the whole time and he calls you “spaghetti fingers”

Eating cereal for dinner and zucchini for breakfast

Talking to our imaginary dog (soon to be real dog), pretending he is in the room and watching TV with us

Pizza on Friday’s

Barbecue on Saturday’s

Getting fat together (see prior two)

Remembering to workout together too (phew)

Talking about poop

Shedding happy tears for husband’s good news

Getting through our first married fight in under an hour

Two weeks later not remembering what first married fight was even about

At the doctor for really not fun and painful things, but smiling anyway because writing “husband” as my emergency contact is kind of fun

Sitting together in silence

Correcting the hubs when he says “I got a bonus.” WE, Isaac. WE got a bonus. mwahaha

Talking about babies…and how we are hoping for a *few* more years of no babies

Listening to the song I walked the wedding aisle to and maybe crying a little bit

Snuggling on couches way too small for two people

Sleepwalking into husband’s room and doing creepy things (duh)

New and improved (read much worse) nicknames for each other. I can’t stop calling the husband “tiniest sweetest soldier.” I know, it’s awful and I have no idea where it came from. He hates it. He’s probably pissed I just told the interwebs about it.

Looking through wedding photos for the thousandth time

Not ever wanting to look at my wedding photos again, so tired of looking at my face

Okay just one more time

Wondering why I don’t feel weird having a new last name and it already feels so normal?

Kissing him goodbye in the morning before work and being told “you look so pretty today. You look like a pop star.” (LOL umwhat?)

Answering “it’s great, I love it” when people ask “how’s married life?”

Knowing we’ll prove them wrong when they say “just wait give it time, soon you’ll be miserable” (silly cynics)


24 thoughts on “Marriage Is

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  2. *smiles* … I am IN. Whew…I tried before accepting the invite lol.

    Now young lady, why isn’t your listed numbered or bulleted? Oh wait, that is MY neurosis, not yours lol.

    Seriously though….that is a fine list of things you have taken stock of. I recall being married, and as I was reading though your list I thought to myself…oh yeah that one nod nods… then later…ohh, totally that one. And still reading the next line just thinking that it was soooo true lol.

    Now tell TSSI (your Tiniest Sweetest Soldier Isaac) that it is okay, we won’t tease him about that nickname. I mean ok, once in a while I will make reference to TSSI … but shhhh, it’ll be our secret *grins*

    And *huuggs* …. you sound so very happy…and that makes me smile.

    • haha of course you are in! πŸ™‚

      I know I was being such a rebel and not numbering/bulleting it! I felt like taking a ride on the wild side for one post.

      TSSI- You seriously crack me up…LOL! I’ll have to just start referring to him by his acronym. It WOULD be a little less embarrassing in public I think πŸ˜€

      I am so very happy, thank you Katie. Your comments always make ME smile.

  3. I remember the first few months of mine and thinking “What did I get myself into?” and she thought the same. We have weathered a lot in our 12 almost 13 years, but we become better friends every day.

    • That’s awesome- I love hearing that after 13 years you can still find new ways to love and have fun with a person. I also think being *friends* with your spouse is one of the most important things! There are several couples I know who definitely have the intimacy part down, or the trust factor in shape, but they aren’t friends. I’m thankful to be friends with my spouse, too!

        • Oh my gosh- SO worth it. I can’t even tell you how it feels to be in a place with everyone you love most in the world. I did not feel one bit of stress on the wedding day- how can you with so many loved ones surrounding you and celebrating you!? I’ve never been happier. I remember at one point on the dance floor everyone was going crazy and my hubby and I looked at each other and yelled “IS THIS REAL?!?! THIS IS AMAZING!!!”

          All of the stress leading up to it is 100% worth it. I’d do it again in a heartbeat! And truly? When things do go “wrong” on the wedding day (aka not how you imagined it in your mind), it won’t even matter. A lot of stuff didn’t go as I had imagined it but that made it even better. We have planned every freaking detail so having some element of surprise on the day is really fun. At one point I realized that none of my guests had water in their glasses (the servers dropped the ball on pre-filling water) but it just didn’t matter. I looked around and everyone was drinking beer, laughing, and catching up with each other. The little details do NOT matter.

          It’s going to be amazing!!! Enjoy this time- it’s the last time you get to plan your FREAKING WEDDING! EEK! πŸ™‚ Congrats to you!!

  4. awww…this was lovely! I’m divorced and really bitter in general, but this melted my cold metal heart just a little πŸ™‚

    • hahah I’m so glad I could break into your cold, rigid heart just a wee bit πŸ™‚ You have kids though, so I bet they melt your heart in between making you want to kill them, right??

  5. Cute list! After 3 years of marriage, it’s still weird for me to say, “my husband… this or that.” I also LOVE having a shorter, less complicated name, but hyphenated it out of laziness for about a year! lol

    • Haha really, even after 3 years?! I guess we hear other people say it our whole lives and it just feels so funny to finally say it for ourselves. Congrats on 3 years! Still enjoying married life? πŸ™‚

  6. I’m almost 8 months into being married…and I love this whole list. Especially being able to write husband/introduce him as my husband. I still giggle to myself every time!

    • Congrats on 8 months! I know isn’t it funny introducing each other? I think I have finally stopped blushing when I say “husband.” πŸ˜€

    • I’m glad it took you back! Congrats on six years, that’s great. I can’t wait to look back in six years and read these posts, remember being newlyweds πŸ˜€ Here’s to many, many more years for both of us!

  7. Sounds like a really wonderful experience! Thanks for sharing all of the fun details and making me even more excited to experience it myself soon!

    • You’re going to love it! I wasn’t sure if anything would change (we’ve already lived together for the past 4 years) but it definitely did. In a good way. So exciting!! Is most of your planning done? When’s the big day?

      • I’m glad we still have some surprises coming our way after it’s all official! Our wedding is mostly all inclusive, so all we really have to do is make a seating chart and pay everyone…We’re counting down until August and hoping it’s not a million degrees outside! And belated congratulations to you and your new hubby!

    • Thanks! Three months, eek! Are you nervous at all? Don’t be- it’ll be perfect. What’s the date? Big or small? I kind of love wedding details now that mine is over with and I don’t have to worry about spending the money hah!

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