A (Birth)Day at the Zoo

Yesterday I went to the zoo to celebrate a special boy’s birthday. We filled his pockets with snacks, bought him a birthday boy zookeeper hat, and he only wandered off and got lost once! Don’t worry, we found him by the zebra exhibit eventually.

No, we weren’t celebrating my two and a half year old nephew’s birthday, it was my bro-in-law’s 34th! We had a really fun time exploring the beautiful North Carolina zoo.

Lead on, leader

Our fearless leader, leading the way

Zoo buddies, woohoo! Birthday boy is very excited! Whymymangottabethecreepyone?

Birthday boy and his creepy-toothed-smile brother

Gorgeous Ocelot
Sometimes iPhone takes complete crap pictures, but I was pretty happy with this one! I loved this guy…as long as he stayed behind glass.


Some of those large black blobs are not bison, they are massive bison turds. They were quite impressive.


Sweet mama and 4-month old baby gorilla. I could have watched them all day. The father (giant Silverback Gorilla) was standing guard over them nonstop, it was really amazing. I was also shocked to see him guarding the baby and not eating him. The movie Congo has forever put a fear of Silverback Gorilla’s in my soul.

Sweet mama and baby gorilla

This is a bird


This is when the bird flew into my face and I screamed and spazzed out like a 10-year old girl. I love that my finger happened to hit the capture button right before near impact


In the aviary with my boo. We may or may not have
fallen asleep on an old bench listening to the rainforest sounds. Looks like we are headed straight from our 20’s to our 80’s.
Our fearless safari guide led us safely back to the land of fermented grapes. Happy Birthday, Josh!


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