The Sky Dancer Dances Again

About a week before Christmas I sent a Buzzfeed article to Isaac titled “50 Things You Will Never Get for Christmas Again.” I (semi) jokingly told him that we were over if he didn’t find a way to give me something on that list for Christmas. I also hinted that #31, the Sky Dancer, was my absolute favorite toy as a little girl. To be honest, I hadn’t thought about her in awhile but seeing her beautiful coarse pink hair, her majestic wings, and her dolphin throne flooded me with sweet memories.


Well, I guess Isaac wants to keep me around because on Christmas he surprised me with this beauty:


A 2012 version of the Sky Dancer! I’ll take it.

So Christmas afternoon, my way-too-old-and-manly-to-be-playing-with-a-tinkerbell-toy fiance and I spent a good 30 minutes shooting the ‘ol girl into the sky. It was just as much fun as I remember. It also got serious and a little bit dangerous really quickly.

pure joy


Isaac liked her, too


Then it became a sport, and was clearly not a game anymoreIMG_4242


What can I say, she brings out the ballerina in me

What can I say, she brings out the ballerina in me




Then things got weird


I’d say this Christmas was a glaring success. Sky Dancer once again made a little (big) girl’s Christmas day full of fun, laughter, and a minor asthma attack from all of the running and jumping.

17 thoughts on “The Sky Dancer Dances Again

  1. You guys are awesome, I love crazy fun people that aren’t afraid to be themselves. There need to be more people like you and Isaac in the world rather than all the stuffy adults that take themselves too seriously and aren’t willing to laugh at themselves and act like kids again, LOL!

    • Well thanks! I agree, stuffy people are the worst. Being able to laugh at ourselves has been one of the most important parts of our relationship I think! It just makes everything easier, more fun.

  2. Completely awesome. The pictures had me laughing so hard! I totally pictured you guys out there running around like nards giggling your butts off. I’m so glad he found that for you! I’m sure he would have hated to lose you over a toy…

    • haha thanks!! Yeah you pretty much have that picture down perfect. We were laughing our asses off running around and I’m pretty sure my neighbors didn’t realize they lived next to two giant kids. Twas a good day.

  3. I had one as a kid too! It was probably the toy I got most in trouble for because it was pretty dangerous if not handled properly!

    • Right? After 5 minutes of playing with it I remembered how painful she can be!! I was shooting her in the air and punting her, and now my toe is bruised. Plus you can launch her at people. Verrrrrry dangerous 🙂

  4. Hahahahahahahahaha okay I am totally installing that nanny cam so I can constantly laugh at your antics!!! It is SOO awesome that you guys took some (amazing) pictures!! Thanks for the afternoon laugh!

    • LOL okay fine by me as long as we keep it out of the bathroom. And the garage. Shady stuff goes on in there 😉

      Glad you liked the pics although now I have a bad feeling that some of these may mysteriously pop up at our wedding somewhere???? Yikes. Good thing most everyone coming knows how utterly insane we are. There are about 30 more on my computer, these are just the tip of the ice berg hahah! I’ll make you a giant collage to hang on your wall, don’t worry.

    • Awesome! She was so fun. And I can now highly recommend her sister, Tink. Granted toys breaks a lot quicker when there are two adults rough housing with them haha! Poor Tink is almost a goner after one day.

      • Haha! Oh dear! You’ve got me wondering if my Sky Dancer is still in my parents’ attic somewhere…

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