Flawed (only sometimes I’m not perfect)

“What is your worst quality?”

The question feels like one you are asked in a job interview, where your answer is something carefully crafted and practiced in front of the bathroom mirror. Your answer to this question sounds like a flaw on the surface, but it is really designed to make your interviewer see what an outstanding person you are.

“My biggest flaw is that sometimes I get too focused on a project and I lose sleep over it. I am a perfectionist and have make sure everything is done right the first time. Sometimes it can consume me.”

See? Technically it’s a flaw but it’s really a “look how awesome I am, I’ll be perfect for your company” answer. We all use them, it’s how you get hired. Can you imagine answering with “my biggest flaw is that I am completely incompetent when doing things on my own. I don’t usually take initiative and I also can’t share work spaces with others because I have a flatulence problem.”

So naturally, the Daily Post prompt today that asks “what is your worst quality?” made me immediately think of answers like “sometimes I spend too much money on other people” and “I have too much empathy for those I love.” HAH! So let’s cut the crap. No self-righteous look what a good person I am answers.

My worst quality? There is not one. There are many. I have learned to embrace them, and apparently my incredibly patient and tolerant fiance has too.

I chew loudly, and sometimes in a cow-like manner

I can be judgmental of those I barely know

I leave dishes on the counter instead of putting them in the dishwasher

I exaggerate

I play the victim and easily put myself into a “life is unfair to me, woe is me” state of mind, especially when I’m tired. I do this less after my year of awesome counseling, but the thought in the back of my mind sticks around sometimes

I have a hard time practicing delayed gratification. When I want something, I want it now

I like Justin Beieber’s song “Beauty and a Beat”

I can be anal retentive and get pissy if something isn’t done the way I prefer/according to protocol

Alright I’m going to stop there before my friends/family/spouse read this and realize I’m not the perfect and flawless goddess they have always perceived me to be. I know, you guys are shocked.

I like writing out my own flaws though. It humbles me and makes me less quick to judge others. It makes me more consciously aware of them so I’m able to work on them and my overall attitude. Maybe I’ll continue my list in a more private capacity, as well as make a list of my strengths so I don’t enter into a downward shame spiral of how gross of a person I am 😉

Wouldn’t it be interesting to poll your friends and family about what your worst qualities are? I wonder if you’d be surprised by their answers, and if several different people would have the same answers? If so, it may be a sign that it’s a good time to reevaluate  and do some introspection. If your ego and self esteem can handle it, why not gain some eye opening perspective from those who know you best?

PS family/friends/strangers, feel free to not post what you hate about me just yet, I’ll let you know when I’m ready for that step 😉



16 thoughts on “Flawed (only sometimes I’m not perfect)

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  4. Bahahaha, I love that you put your first flaw as “chewing loudly and in a cow-like manner”. If that’s your worst flaw, then you are a pretty awesome person. 🙂 It’s great to be able to be honest with oneself and think critically even if it may be self-deprecating. Good food for thought!

  5. Okay…I really just LOVE everything you write. Gah it’s just soooo good!

    Anyways, if it makes you feel any better, I cannot stand when people are loud chewers; and I did not once hear your chewing when we were in Boone. And trust me, I am so sensitive to it. (Probably one of my flaws!) So go ahead check that one off the list 😉

    Also, I am SO excited for your wedding!!!!!!

    • Awwww, thank you Cor!! You are so sweet and encouraging to me ❤

      I'm so glad my chewing was not the center of attention at Thanksgiving, haha! To be honest, it usually just gets really bad when I'm PMS'ing, it's the weirdest thing! It feels like it is IMPOSSIBLE to close my mouth to chew when I'm feeling crazy and emotional. Oh well 🙂

      I'm so excited too!!! Less than 3 months! I love that we get to play again so soon. I want you to be really involved with everything, hopefully you're down with that! And I can't wait to show you my place and the town here. Love you!

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    • Thanks, Rosie! Yeah control freak is one I feel a lot of people suffer from. Or maybe the people around them are really the ones suffering haha 😉 It’s good that you’re aware of it though and can admit it! It makes it easier to deal with for sure.

  7. I always make those same “look how the worst thing in the world makes me the best person” statements but when I hear other people say them, I sometimes want to gag. I guess I need to be more cognizant of when I do it. I guess I should also be more aware of my real flaws…

    • hahah I know, I do too! It is interesting to sit and think about your own flaws, sometimes it’s not pretty! I’m sure those who are close to me could add to my already pretty long list hah!

  8. I love the picture you posted, haha. I think it’s easy to fall into the “woe is me” way of thinking. I do that a lot … and then I feel bad for doing it, and then I feel guilty, and then I start self-loathing because why on earth would I feel bad about myself when other people have it worse …. vicious cycle!

    • hahah you are so right, it is a dangerous cycle to get into. And sometimes I KNOW I’m doing it and I KNOW I don’t have to feel the way I do, but victimizing myself can just be so oddly satisfying sometimes. Ugh.

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