Little Conversations (Soap)

Isaac: UGH gross your new hand soap smells like Desitin

Me: Desitin…the diaper rash cream??

Isaac: YES

Me: How do you know what Desitin smells like?

Isaac: You know, from when you’re a baby and you have to have diaper rash cream put on you (giving me a look that says DUH)

Me: Ummmm no, I don’t remember having diaper rash cream put on me as a child….are you serious?

Isaac: Well, your soap smells like Desitin and suppositories 

Me: Great, thank you

For the record, my newly purchased soap from the farmer’s market does NOT smell like diaper rash cream and suppositories. However I have never smelt the two combined, so maybe Isaac is right. I suddenly have so many questions…

Also, it’s official that I could never be with another man. WHO SAYS THINGS LIKE THAT?! More importantly, why do I love it so much?

7 thoughts on “Little Conversations (Soap)

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  2. Haha this is awesome. And if that’s your dad’s comment, that made me laugh too! I was also allergic to grass -.I broke out in hives whenever I sat on it and wheezed whenever I smelled freshlycut grass. But to this day, it still gives me an excuse to never mow the lawn!

  3. Hey Courtney, give me a bit of a break here. You were allergic to everything as a kid — even grass — and the cold weather often made your asthma react. So to play soccer in the cold weather on a grass field, we had you dress warm and carry your inhaler. OK — maybe I should pay for your therapy :/

    For the record, I did change your diapers and you did have diaper rash. But your mom found a fantastic diaper rash cream that was like a miracle cream — and it didn’t smell at all! Wish I could remember the name of it. We never made you put it on your face! 🙂

  4. True story: During my 5 summers (ages 9-14) as a junior lifeguard, my parents insisted that I wore white zinc oxide on my nose and under my eyes for the 6 hours I was at the beach Monday-Friday. & yes I was the only kid out of 60 of us that had to do this! To make matters worse, after one year of jr. lifeguards my dad decided that zinc was not “strong enough” and made me wear desitin on my face!!! Every time I took it out all the kids were so disgusted by the smell and could not understand why I would put butt cream on my face. Thanks mom and dad? (Not to mention I was a little chunky as a child and part of our uniform was to wear neon green swim caps all day) Yikes! All this torture I endured as a child probably explains a lot about my adult self lol.

    • HAHAHAHAH!!! Oh my word I just laughed so hard picturing you slathered in Desitin with a lime green swim cap. HOT! Wow, I think you win. My dad used to make me play in my soccer games wearing tights under my uniform and a FREAKING FANNY PACK around my waist to carry my inahler in. UGH. They should be paying for our therapy bills! But still…I didn’t have to smear butt cream on my face LMAO. I love it.

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