‘Tis the Season of Defriending, Fa La La La La La La La La

It’s officially getting into the holiday season, ya’ll!

The last few weeks I have been observing my own personal holiday. It is called “defriend Facebook friends who make ignorant posts, especially regarding our current President or any of the candidates running for Presidency.” I have “defriended” close to 20 people. Another 20 or so have been hidden from my page. I am thankful for the freedom of speech, but I’m also thankful for the ability to hide/block/defriend people who are venomous on a site I used to enjoy. 

Maybe I woke up on the cranky-because-I’m-so-over-politics-and-just-people-in-general side of the bed, or maybe social media has just exhausted me. I miss the recipe sharing, the funny photos, the witty status updates. Why does everybody feel the need to post their beliefs and personal views, complete with 2,000 word validations for them? Actually, it’s not the posting of views I mind, it’s the fighting and commentary that trail those posts. It’s like watching a car wreck, so awful but you just can’t stop looking! I enjoy a good informational article about our candidates but let’s be serious, 99.9% of the posts made on Facebook and other social media sites are biased and not always fact based.

Like I said in my Politically Agnostic post, I think we, as a nation, may as well accept whoever is elected. In the words of Byron Katie: how do we know the chosen candidate is supposed to be President? Because he is! That is reality. 

Here is my first and last political post I contributed to Facebook:

I’m loving all of these facebook statuses that say “God be with us” or “All we can do now is trust in God for these next four years, our country is screwed.” Do you not think God has his hand in all of this? Do you think He woke up this morning, turned on the news, and said “oh crap Obama won, I better revamp my plans for the next 4 years and start helping out my people.” If your candidate had won, would you be saying “woohoo now we can solely trust in one earthly man for the next four years!” ??

It just irritates me when I see these people who have been so nasty online and have been bashing another human being for the past several weeks all of the sudden say “God is our true King and our leader.” Our leader regardless of who he or she is needs our support and prayer, always. You don’t get to bash another human being in the name of God, if you’re into that sort of stuff then join Westboro Baptist Church and call it a day.Aaaaand my one political post (rant) is over. Happy Wednesday!
Now can we please get back to posting pictures of cats dressed in cute little hats and tuxedo vests? Those were so much more enjoyable than all of this “I’m moving to Canada” drama. 

9 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season of Defriending, Fa La La La La La La La La

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  2. I think you and I have very different religious beliefs but oh man, your post made me laugh out loud. So true. It’s all happening just the way it should, whether my fav candidate won or not. Well said.

  3. Oooh, it’s like you are channelling the inner me. This whole election has really made me look twice at folk I’d honestly thought were decent caring people, but who are apparently ranting hysterical bozos.
    The next month and a half of End Of The World Mayan madness will be a refreshing change.

    • Hahahha oh geez, good call about the End of the World craziness. THANKFULLY I don’t think any of my FB friends actually believe in that. If they do believe it, I may have to start keeping better company 😉

  4. Thanks Court! It’s nice to see sone sanity among the craziness. Even if I don’t agree with the outcome (and I’m not saying whether I do or not 🙂 ) , what good does bashing our country do? All we can do is continue to try and better ourselves everyday regardless of who is running our Country. At this point let’s just hope everyone can start working together to improve our beautiful US of A 🙂

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