Fall, Baby

As an ex-coffee drinker, I no longer get excited about the oh-so-popular Pumpkin Spice Latte making its grand reentrance this fall. Instead, the photographer in me is excited about gorgeous backdrops. The writer/reader in me can’t wait for the chilly weather excuse to stay inside all weekend curled up with my laptop and a book. I’m looking forward to crackling fires, warm boots, cozy sweaters, and crockpot stews.

Clearly my nephew approves of autumn, too. Laughing baby + dead leaves = cuteness explosion. 

4 thoughts on “Fall, Baby

  1. I still drink coffee, however, pumpkin spice? So not my favorite, I get very grumpy every fall when they replace my favorite cappuccino with pumpkin spice, while retaining 47 different types of French vanilla! Really? Grrr…. Really enjoying your blog btw.

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