I keep telling myself that day 2 of no caffeine really isn’t that bad. In fact, I barely notice it! 

Then I remember that I am a terrible liar. Today’s lunch break I spent sprawled out in the backseat of my car, passed out, drooling on a canvas grocery bag that served as a pillow.  Less than an hour after waking up, I could barely hold my eyelids open and I was counting down the minutes until I could go home and lay down.

Caffeine is a sneaky drug. I didn’t even realize I was addicted! Suddenly I feel like a skid row junkie who swears “I don’t need it, I’m not addicted. I can quit anytime I want.” Today has shown me that I can quit caffeine, it just isn’t going to be pretty. 

I quit coffee over two years ago and switched to tea. It did wonders for my stomach and overall health, so it really wasn’t that difficult. To help me get through the next few weeks of caffeine withdrawal, I have been consulting Dr. Google for information regarding the cons of consuming this energy boosting nectar of the gods. I found this tidbit and it makes me even more excited to quit it:

Perhaps the most important long-term problem is the effect of caffeine on sleep. The half-life of caffeine in the body is about 6 hours. If you drink a big cup of coffee with 200 mg of caffeine at 4PM, at 10PM you still have about 100mg in your body. By 4AM, you still have 50mg floating in your system. Even though you may be able to sleep, you may not be able to obtain the restful benefits of deep sleep. What’s worse, the cycle continues as you may use more and more caffeine in hopes of counteracting this deficit. 

Hmmm. I’m thinking that a girl who sleepwalks several nights a week is probably not benefiting from a ginormous cup of black tea every day at 3pm. Here’s hoping the sleepwalking starts to fade and my body can find its own source of energy without the help of caffeine. Here’s also hoping my coworkers and friends can put up with me while I am in my detox period.  

Did you know caffeine can also:

  • dry out your skin
  • accelerate aging and wrinkles
  • accelerate bone loss
  • cause mood swing
  • increase stress levels
  • raise blood pressure causing anxiety and nervousness (don’t need more of that, thanks!)
  • cause migraines
  • result in decreased attention (decreases blood flow to the brain by 30% WHAAT?!) source here

So while coffee has some great side effects (instant pooping, more energy, more energy while pooping?), I feel that the cons outweigh the pros here. Our bodies don’t need caffeine. Why not let our fragile bodies get back to a more natural state instead of constantly telling them: I know you are tired right now but here take this drug and you will still be tired but will act like you are not. It doesn’t seem right. It’s like a person getting anti-depressants from the doctor but not receiving any type of counseling or therapy. It is simply masking the problem.

I can’t wait to see how a few weeks without caffeine will make me feel. I’m not going to swear it off forever because sometimes a Chai Latte is just too hard to pass up, but I think not consuming it daily will really help my health and dry skin. We’ll see! 

9 thoughts on “Deprived

  1. Hey Court 🙂

    I quit caffeine a few months ago to try and help my gut and now only have it on the rarest of occasions. I feel so much better! Lots of energy, less stomach pain and my skin is so much more bright. However, there are those days when I really want to cave in. On the occasions when I do have caffeine, I am up most of the night (even if I have it for lunch). So I am starting to wonder if some of my insomnia was actually due to the caffeine I drank in excess for so many years. I agree with you about the Chai Lattes! YUMMO!

    Good luck, the worst is almost over 🙂


    • So glad to hear that it has helped you!! I’m anxious to see how it will help my sleeping, too. I wonder how many insomniacs have quite caffeine? It does seem like a logical thing to do. Interesting!

  2. Hi Courtney, I’m sensitive to caffeine too and really get the jitters now if I drink a whole cup of real coffee. I stopped drinking all caffeine several years ago due to having migraines. In recent years, I have resumed drinking 1 cup of half real, half decaf b/c it helps me be less stiff in the morning and exercise easier. Am resisting the temptation to add more caffeine in the afternoon, thought it gets pretty tempting sometimes. SO power to you with your good efforts – trust me, you will be fine and feel better.

    Good luck! Virginia

    P.S. Hope you and Isaac have a wonderful time at the beach!

    • Thanks Virginia!! I had noticed that you don’t drink much caffeine but I didn’t know you quit a few years ago. You think it has helped a lot? I’m just hoping it helps the eczema. I’ll do anything to help the eczema haha!

      Thanks, we’ll bring back pictures! Miss you guys.

  3. Oh wow! That’s next on my list of ” quits”! I wish you the best of luck with this. I’ll be following this journey closely so I can learn from your experience. Did you taper at all before you called caffeine quits?

    • Thanks!! I’ve actually done it before and I felt great being off of caffeine. My tired days were not as fatigue filled as they are now, and my overall energy was up. And I quit cold turkey, no taperin!! However since I wasn’t a coffee drinker, I think it’s easier to go cold turkey. The people who drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day probably have to taper it down so the headaches don’t get too overwhelming. Good luck on the no smoking!!

  4. You can do it!

    I’ve always liked different kinds of teas.. and everyone says there’s a bunch of health benefits but what does it do exactly?

    Ooh and thanks for the coffee facts! 😀


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