The Marm Comes to Town

Last week my mom drove from Florida to North Carolina to help me knock out some wedding planning and to help my little sister move into a new apartment. Katy lives about 45 minutes from me so every day mom would bounce back and forth between our houses, helping both of us get our lives sorted out. 

Earlier tonight I had to say goodbye to her, as she is spending tonight with Katy and driving back to Florida in the morning. I have such a weird combination of feelings right now. I feel happy, really happy that I have been able to spend the past 5 days with my sweet mom. I feel really sad that tomorrow evening when I get off of work she won’t be at my house waiting for me, ready and willing to split a half gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream before dinner. 

Thanks mom for spending 5 days making me laugh, getting me organized, and reminding me that I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you for a mom. 

Snapped a few pictures before heading to the farmer’s market for mom’s birthday

Mom and “the bug”, her fourth daughter

Mom and I, her number two daughter!

My baby bug!

Hard at work on wedding invitations

Brought them to see our wedding venue! “Look like you’re getting married or something, let’s see how it looks”

4 thoughts on “The Marm Comes to Town

  1. OMG!!! I am so excited for your wedding!!!! Seriously, those last 2 pictures made me squeal 🙂 Glad you got in some quality time with the fam too!

    • WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!! I cannot wait! I ordered our save the dates last night so hopefully they will be in the mail in a few weeks. Then you can squeal every day when you see our faces on a magnet on your fridge haha! ❤

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