Little Conversations (did it feel weird?)

Me: <<Pick up a card out of the card holder on our table, read it, and put it back>>

Isaac: Did that feel weird?

Me: Did what feel weird?

Isaac: Putting something back where it belongs. 

He’s lucky he’s cute.

And I’m lucky he puts up with my horrible habits.  

4 thoughts on “Little Conversations (did it feel weird?)

  1. I had to read this again because it made me laugh so hard the first time around! I just had a conversation with Dave about the effort he will be making to keep things neat when he returns. No, I did not start the convo! LOL
    Yes, my best friend and my husband are VERY similar, now if only I could be as quick witted with my snarky comments as Isaac is!!

    • hahahah I love it. You will be pleased to know that for the past 3 days I have kept the house spotless and have been putting everything back where it belongs. For the most part.

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