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A few years ago Isaac and I went to Los Angeles to attend my cousins wedding. We did what any normal couple does before heading to the Hollywood Hills and compiled our “celebrity lists”, also known as “celebrities I am allowed to seduce and my significant other cannot get mad or leave me.”

Sure, the chances of Isaac or myself seducing anybody (celebrity or not) are slim to none, as our charisma and flirting skills went into hibernation about 4 and a half years ago when we started dating, but you never know.

I have been told I have a bizarre celebrity list. I am wondering if others may have odd hollywood crushes too? I have a hard time believing that every woman’s celebrity list is only composed of A list actors, America’s most popular heart throbs. So without further adieu here is my list, not necessarily in order of preference:

1. Jon Stewart- Weird and a little gross, I know. 

2. Brian Williams- this crush goes back at least 10 years

3. Adam Sandler- I’m not going to try and defend this one, I have already done so for years and have never successfully convinced anybody that this is a normal celebrity crush. I know he is foul, not extremely good looking, and has a weird voice. It just is what it is, okay!? 

4. Jeremy Piven (I’m starting to see a trend here. Middle aged Jewish men? Yes please.)

5. Mila Kunis (isn’t she on everybody’s list?) Sidenote: I just found out that Mila Kunis is Jewish too. Hmmm…..

6. Hugh Dillon, but only when he is wearing his police uniform

7. Ryan Gosling (ahh finally a normal age appropriate celebrity crush!)

8. Jesse Metcalfe

9. Matthew Fox- the only reason I watched LOST for as long as I did

12 thoughts on “Celebrity List

  1. Good list, everybody has different tastes, I have to agree on adam sandler, theres something about him that makes him adorable for me, and sometimes can be a sweetheart(The Wedding Singer), plus he has a great smile. xD

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  3. Ha ha ha.. Love this! I too have a thing for Brian and Hugh. Hugh is HOT in that uniform. 😉 Ryan is a definite on my list and I totally see a humor trend. I get Adam – he is funny. And I think Jon is a riot so I get that one too. My list is full of smart and funny celebrities and has a few females as well. Can’t wait to see Isaac’s list!

  4. Oh Courtney, you make me laugh. Defending your crush, you shouldn’t ever have to do that, to each her own! Plus, I also get Adam Sandler, I think he’s cute, funny, and yes I am also drawn to middle aged Jewish men. I also agree with you on Ryan (hello, who wouldn’t) and Mila (gorgeous and funny)!!

    So, Jon Stewart isn’t for me nor is Hugh(who is that?) but I’m proud of you for putting your list out there for all of us to see! Now I’m wondering who is on Isaac’s list?!

    • Haha I love hearing that other women are drawn to Adam too (we’re on a first name basis)! Hugh Dillon is from the police tv show I love Flashpoint. Something about a fearless man in uniform, YOU know all about that Mrs. Army Wife haha!

      I will try and get Isaac to retell me his celebrity list!

  5. Ryan G. YES PLEASE.

    I actually understand Adam Sandler. He’s funny sometimes, and personality can trump looks occasionally.

    I didn’t know J. Piven and Mila are Jewish. I’ll pass on Mila (although she’s very pretty) and take Jeremy. I mean, I’m Jewish. It’s a match made in heaven. 😉

    • Hahaha maybe you and I can have shared custody of Piven. Mmm I love that man! And I’m so glad you get the Sandler thing, there’s just something about him! 🙂

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