Amendment One Passed, Now We Move On

Amendment One passed in North Carolina last night. It is both surprising and upsetting because it writes discrimination into our constitution, it doesn’t make me proud. I have my own thoughts and opinions about it, but it’s nothing that hasn’t been said before. I will leave the 10-page rants and persuasive speeches to the professionals.

I still love the state of North Carolina and the people who inhabit it. Yes, even the ones who voted in favor of Amendment One.  It is my hope that those in favor of Amendment One voted that way based on their own beliefs and points of view, not because the church told them to do so. It is being hypocritical if I am outraged at the people who voted “for” Amendment One JUST because I happen to be against it. I guarantee you the people who wanted it passed are just as passionate about their side as I am about mine. We DO have the right to vote for what we believe in, whether our neighbors, friends, coworkers, or family members agree with it or not. That is what it means to be American. For that, I am grateful. 

So while I may not agree with this Constitutional Amendment being passed, I accept that it has. Now let’s try to focus our energy on showing those affected that they DO have support. Just because something is written into the Constitution doesn’t mean we all have to act like robots and follow it’s every word. We do not have to change our stances and personal beliefs. Through our actions and words, we can show our brothers and sisters acceptance and support, in a multitude of ways. As a Christian, this is what I have been called to do. 

One thought on “Amendment One Passed, Now We Move On

  1. Great post Court! I think this amendment situation is crazy. I have had such a hard time with everyone throwing religion into it so much and only focusing on one part of the amendmant. Because honestly who are we to judge. And I know I am far from perfect or sin free. I just wish this world would get to a point where everyone would simply live with love for one another and even if you do not agree with someone just let them do what makes them happy. If its right not wrong I think we all should make our own devious for what we feel is right for us. I can understand both sides to it and that is why I would not want to upset anyone and say they are wrong ( people have been going nuts lol). I just feel like if anyone is in love who are we to stop them? I was interested to see Obama standing up for gay rights but I can’t help to wonder is it true or is it a tactic because it’s election year. Another crazy thing is I have seen people unfriending each other on Facebook, it’s like really? How old are you lol? I think people would be so much happier if they just respected everyone’s opinions : ) wow sorry I like went on a tangent!

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