Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

Challenge: Two Subjects.  This “theme” is more of a composition challenge. Share a picture with two subjects! 

A few months ago I photographed my sister-in-law and her family so they could have a non-cheesy Christmas card to send out to loved ones. There is nothing worse than receiving a Christmas card that looks like it could easily make the front page of Awkward Family Photos. To avoid the JC Penny studio look with horrid watercolor backgrounds, we ventured into a local park and I simply watched Scot and Mahala play with their son, and snapped pictures. Only a few times did I say “look here and smile!” When children are involved, sweet candid photos melt my heart. Not to mention they are easier to get! 

The first photo is my absolute favorite. Max had recently learned to walk and was discovering how fun it was to run and trip over his own feet. Run, fall, laugh, repeat. His parents were calling his name, but Max could barely make it two steps without falling over and giggling hysterically. 

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

  1. This is a really good series of pictures! I like the happiness these pictures clearly show. My favorite is the first one. He’s having a great time giggling to himself on that grass!

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