I Think The Hunger Games “Healing Ointment” is Real, and I Think I Have It

Last night I was working at my part-time waitressing job and was nearing the end of my shift. Hands full of glassware, I tip-toed through the busy kitchen and made my way to the dish pit. I have put dirty glasses in the dish rack thousands of times before, but this time was different. As I hastily tried to “toss” a glass into the small slot, I missed. Before I had time to even realize what had happened, I was surrounded by several chefs, servers, and kitchen workers asking “are you ok?? are you hurt?”

Instead of just dropping to the ground and shattering (that would have been too convenient), the glass exploded in mid-air upon contact with the rigid edge of the dish rack. When I say I was covered in glass shards, I am not exaggerating. The chefs told me not to move too much and immediately go to the bathroom to wash my face. I had tiny glass shards sprayed across my face, in my hair, and all over my shirt. I even pulled a sizable piece out of my ear.

I didn’t panic until I felt something foreign and unwelcome in my eye. Cue FREAK OUT mode. I immediately started imagining my next 12 hours: emergency room, eye exam, creepy tool inserted into eye, retrieve glass shard, blurred vision, eye patch, permanent damage, disfigured eyeball. The reality was I spent the next 10 minutes rinsing my eyes, face, hair, and neck and the only cut I actually obtained was a small one on my left ring finger.

I spent another 10 minutes thanking God that I did not have any cuts in my eyes or on my face. It may sound ridiculous and like I’m being a bit of a drama queen, but I was terrified. A glass exploding in my face is not typically how I like to end my Friday nights. Both of my eyes did subsequently swell up and turn bright red for a few hours, but I think that was due to the intensity of my eye flushing. I basically put them through a mini Niagara Falls type bath. Sorry, eyes.

This brings me to the Hunger Games-esque healing ointment that I have been fortunate enough to experiment with. Recently my fiance, Isaac, was given an amazing opportunity. He was offered an internship working with KeraNetics, a progressive company in town that creates medical products using keratin. KeraNetics has some of their products already patented and the one that Isaac has been working with is patent-pending. This skin regenerating cream, with a number instead of a name, is what the CEO of the company gave to Isaac to test out on my eczema. The cream is still in clinical trials, so I was excited to unofficially take part in the study.

Last night at 12pm after getting out of the shower, I snapped a quick picture of my cut finger. I put a drop of the Keratin cream on it and went to bed. The next morning, I woke up to the second picture.

Yes, I know the cut was really small, but think of the potential this product has. It has no smell, steroid-free, antibiotic-free, doesn’t hurt, and is actually soothing to an open cut.

A week ago I decided to try it out on one of my eczema spots on my wrist, one I am in a constant battle with. The first photo was taken before any application of the cream. The next two were taken within 6 days of applying the cream, and I did not apply it more than 4 times total. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

discoloration due to thinned-out skin (from years of steroid use) and me being cold!

I am eager to try out the mystery cream on a bigger cut/gash, as soon as I am lucky enough to obtain one. I am clumsy, it shouldn’t be long. I also cannot wait to see this product patented and on the market for everybody to enjoy! Until then, I’ll keep using this magic healing cream and hoping no crazy side effects are discovered in the actual clinical testing. As of yet, no negative side effects have been found.

10 thoughts on “I Think The Hunger Games “Healing Ointment” is Real, and I Think I Have It

  1. So I freaked out (in my mind) when you said the glass exploded! Omg I would have panicked. I mean I slicked kind of panicked for you here at my computer one year later after this incident. But I’m glad you’re okay and that cream is amazing! Wow. That’s some good stuff!

    • Thank you! After prolonged use of the cream on my eczema I decided it wasn’t really helping long term 😦 It works GREAT on cuts and other wounds, but not so much for the eczema. That stuff is so pesky and miserable. Hope your friend finds some relief!

  2. So tried it on any other wounds? Are we going to be able to try it any time soon? The results are great! Love to see a follow up article 🙂

  3. Yike! Hooray you’re okay. It IS terrifying. I think, we as servers, get a bit numb to how dangerous our job can be. We handle a lot of glass as well as hot beverages, sharp knives, etc… we get so used to what we do, when something like that happens, it’s like, WHOA! “I could have been REALLY badly hurt!” And the reality check is almost as scary as the incident itself. And those glass racks are dangerous since they are at face level. Have you ever hit your head on the wine glass rack- that little corner sticking out that will jab you right in the forehead when you lean in to put the utensils in the water bin? I think we’ve allll done that. And there’s that sharp, metal thing we stab old tickets on…you’re fave!

    Okay– that ointment? Amazing! That kicks Neosporin’s rear! You want a bigger cut/gash without hurting yourself? -Raises hand- I have some gashes for you. Hahaha! If they -do- happen to need anymore test subjects or plan to do a clinical trial, let me know! If it works that well your skin condition (which I know through having psoriasis is a serious PAIN to heal. Poor you!) I wonder how it would do on large, three-year-old wounds? I would try it in a heartbeat. ANYTHING is better than the crazy crap we’ve been on and off of. Especially those damned steroids.

  4. First of all, glad to hear you’re okay. Secondly, those ARE amazing results from the cream. Now the only thing left to do is to convince Isaac’s employer to market the product by selling it in containers attached to little parachutes.

  5. I’m glad you’re okay. I was holding a sheet of glass that goes with my coffee table and it shattered, out of nowhere, in my hands. It was 2 weeks before my wedding. Now two years later, I STILL have a piece of glass embedded in my cheek. Sexxaaayyy.

  6. WOW!!! That is awesome! I’m so happy that there is something to help you out so much and also I’m happy that you didn’t get hurt! Flying glass is scary and especially when it’s near or on your face! I hope that there aren’t any negative side effects and congratulations to Isaac on his opportunity!! ❤ you!

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