My Boy

I’ve been thinking about you a lot today, old friend. I don’t let myself think about you too often, it still makes me sad. I’m scared of driving down the road and seeing a Wheaten Terrier happily trotting alongside his owner. All you Wheaten’s have the same sweet eyes and jovial disposition. I’m not sure if I am ready to look at a dog who so closely resembles my Chester, knowing I can’t go home and play with you. I miss your high-fives, your warm fur to snuggle my feet under, you sitting under my chair at the dinner table, and your sloppy kisses. I even miss the hives that your sloppy kisses would give me. I miss you, buddy. 

I miss this view

6 thoughts on “My Boy

  1. That is so weird you posted about Chester this week. For some reason I have been thinking about Chester all week and really missing him. I’ll never forget when we got all those baby ducks (bad idea) and how they imprinted on Chester and would follow him around our backyard. He was so gentle with them…he treated those ducks like they were his own. He loved Springtime!
    Thanks for the post and the pictures.

    • Awwwwh what a sweet boy he was with those ducks!! Maybe that is why he is so heavy on our minds, because spring is here. I’ll never forget how long his walks took in the spring time because he wanted to stop and smell all the flowers. ❤

  2. I know the feeling. It’s been over eight years since we put my cat to sleep, and seriously, if I really stop and think about her and the fact that she’s gone, I start crying. It’s a pain that I’ve learned to just push aside, as unhealthy as that sounds. But, I do know where she is and for that I am so thankful! She’s in the arms of Jesus and will be there to greet me when I arrive in heaven. Chester will be there to greet you, too, Court! I know it!

  3. That face is SO SWEET!!! I’m sorry he’s not here anymore to give you sloppy kisses. May his memory be a blessing to you always.

  4. Aw Court you’re making me cry! I’m so sorry to know that the pain is still alive in you. If I could say anything to take it away I would. I love you!

    • Awwh sorry! I know it is probably especially hard to read while dealing with stuff with your girl. I don’t think about it a lot, but when I remember he’s gone it almost takes my breath away. Weird how they can do that to you. Makes me happy to know that he is not hurting and is happy where he is at least! Love you too!

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