Hurts So Good

You know that old saying “it’s like pouring salt on an open wound”? Well I’ll do you one better. Today I started pouring vinegar on my open wounds. I have either completely lost my mind or I have reached my breaking point when it comes to my eczema. I spent most of the day reading about the health benefits of drinking/topically applying apple cider vinegar.

I’m tired of steroid creams that are a band-aid for eczema. They are a temporary fix and once stopped the symptoms come back twice as bad. So today marked the start of my apple cider vinegar treatment regime. I have been drinking it diluted in water for the past few hours as well as rubbing it on my arms to see what happens.

I can’t help but feel like a bit of a lunatic as I rub vinegar onto my cuts. The pain is somewhat welcomed though… yikes that sounds a bit masochist, eh? I almost like making it burn because I feel like I’m saying screw you eczema, I will pour vinegar and salt on you until you shrivel up and die! Yeah, I think talking to and verbally harassing your skin is a pretty solid sign that you’ve lost it. I feel confident that anybody with an ailment as frustrating as this can commiserate though!

In addition to the vinegar treatment I have quit caffeine, almost all gluten, and sugar. Somethings gotta give, right? Even for people that don’t have skin disorder, apple cider vinegar has a ton of health benefits: aid in weight loss, allergies, asthma, eczema, flu symptoms, diabetes, gout, heartburn, fatigue, cholesterol, kills warts, and the list goes on and on. Oh, you can also add it to the washer to make your sheets softer, or clean your kitchen sink with it. It’s starting to sound like the amazing Windex cure-all from My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

I don’t care what the natural remedy is (as long as it’s safe for me and my special needs)! If I found out that pouring reindeer pee all over my body would make my eczema disappear, you better believe I would take a reindeer piss bath every single day.

We’ll see what happens! Either my eczema will improve or I will really just be pouring vinegar into my cuts for absolutely no reason, great! 😀

5 thoughts on “Hurts So Good

  1. Try applying extra virgin olive oil on the skin for eczema. Ferment kefir drink in milk using the living kefir grains and drink a glass of it because it will conquer many health problems.

    • You know, I didn’t get to try it for long enough to tell. After about 4 days of drinking the vinegar with no signs of improvement, I had to go to my doctor to get some meds. I think maybe my eczema flare was beyond a natural remedy and needed a serious boost. Now that it’s better though, I am going to start up the ACV again to see if it can maintain smooth skin. If you have eczema and can’t get a handle on a flare, try Derma-Smoothe Oil from your doctor. It’s a light steroid but repaired my skin in 48 hours. Hasn’t looked this good in over 6 months. Best of luck to you!

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