Thanks, Dad!

Happy Father’s Day, Pops!

Thank you for….

  • Attempting to style my reckless hair every morning on both of our cross country road trips and listening to the “Silly Songs” tape on repeat for 3,000 miles each way
  • Not turning to cannibalism and eating me when we got stranded in a blizzard on the Donner Pass –named after a group of emigrants who got stuck on that mountain in a blizzard in the 1800’s and started eating each other to stay alive
  • Working so hard to make sure your family is provided for
  • Calling me every week to say hello and catch up
  • Letting me make mistakes; making sure I knew how much you still loved me and forgave me after I realized how stupid I was
  • Coining my nickname “cookie monster”
  • Letting us get a puppy (Chester) when we wanted one 13 years ago even though you really didn’t want one at the time
  • Letting us get ducks on Easter one year
  • Making up the results of my science fair project when I stopped tracking my data halfway through the experiment and didn’t mention it to anyone until it was almost due
  • Sitting with me for hours, literally hours, to try and explain my math homework to me
  • Taking my sisters and I to the movie theater and saying “get anything you want!” at the concession stand
  • Making me compulsive about filing important documents and keeping phone conversation logs when speaking to customer service departments
  • Teaching me how to jump a car and change a flat. Could I do it tomorrow if either situation presented itself? No. But you DID teach me at one point!
  • Rubbing my back to put me to sleep, still!
  • Teaching my sisters and I the value of hard work and instilling a strong work ethic in each of us
  • Giving my high school boyfriends the SARS talk, and not killing the ones that I’m sure you hated
  • Allowing our relationship to evolve as I became an adult
  • Asking me for advice, and actually using it
  • Your cheesy jokes and Absent Minded Professor qualities. I know where I get it from
  • Coaching my middle school softball team, there is no way you had time for that but never missed a game
  • Making me wear a fanny pack and tights when playing soccer as a kid. Wait no, I’m not thankful for that– how could you!?
  • Your faith. Your love for God amazes me and makes me want to be a better person
  • Doing my FAFSA and taxes for so many years in a row. I can finally do them on my own now 😀 
  • Encouraging me to see a therapist when I was struggling
  • Letting me vent to you and never making me feel judged or silly
  • Teaching me the importance of mint chocolate chip ice cream and white chocolate mousse
  • Teaching me all the words to your songs from Navy boot camp
  • Being the kind of dad that drives 20 minutes in traffic to go buy nail polish and food for his daughters while they are getting ready for a wedding in Los Angeles
  • proofreading hundreds of essays and research papers for me
  • Always keeping your promises
  • Allowing me to understand the true meaning of the world unconditional

Most of all, thank you for being the father that every child dreams of having! I don’t know what I did to deserve you but you have enriched my life beyond belief. I love you!

Philippians 1:3- I thank my God every time I remember you

6 thoughts on “Thanks, Dad!

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  3. What a beuatiful tribute to your Daddy……made me cry! He is a wonderful man, indeed. I am so glad I rasied him well!! LOL

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE This.. I laughed, I cried … made me miss my dad and hope that in the future, Brian feels this way about Joe and I 🙂 Thanks Court!!

  5. Oh Courtney, what a beautiful post (again). Your words made me laugh, cry, and reflect! Thanks for only referencing the good things (mostly :)). You have been an absolutely amazing daughter and I, too, am glad our relationship has now evolved into the “adult” stage — but somewhere, very deep inside, you will always be “cookie monster.” 🙂 I love you so very much!

    PS: One clarification point on the science project (to keep us both out of hot water with ICS and so they don’t revoke your grammar school diploma). I believe what I was teaching you was “data extrapolation” — which is itself an extremely valuable and valid scientific/mathematic tool. A good lesson to learn in life! 🙂

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