Little Conversations: Bathroom Breaks and Satin Vests

While it has been a whopping 5 months since I have had a sleepwalking episode (thanks Whole30!), I still sometimes talk and spew nonsense in my sleep. Much to my husband’s delight.

A few weeks ago this sleeptalking episode occurred:

Me: Isaac, wake up. (shoving him awake)

Isaac: What?

Me: You need to go to the bathroom, okay? Go to the bathroom. I’ll let you go first and then I’ll go when you get back.

Isaac: Um, okay. My favorite thing is that Isaac got up out of bed and actually did go pee. He is such a compliant guy.

And then last night’s conversation has me giggling incessantly. I sat up, looked him straight in the eye, and said:

Me: I think I’m going to try wearing vests again

Isaac: You’re going to start wearing vests?

Me: Yeah

Isaac: Why?

Me: I don’t know, just to wear

Isaac: Vests? That’s what you’re saying? (he just had to be sure)

Me: Yeah

And then Isaac tells me we both started laughing hysterically. I remained asleep.

I can usually link my sleeptalking back to a conversation or thought I had earlier in the day, and this one was no exception. A few hours earlier, I had found an old photo of my sisters and I with some family friends and posted it on my Instagram. I was especially proud of my (extremely gangster) outfit combination: a red turtleneck, timberland boots, black leggings, and…you guessed it, A VEST.

Who am I to argue with the needs and desires of my subconscious? Maybe it’s time for the satin vest to make its grand reappearance into my wardrobe.


9 thoughts on “Little Conversations: Bathroom Breaks and Satin Vests

  1. Too cute. My wife was a sleep talker as well. Her banter was normally nonsensical and I used to respond in an extra-rational manner until our conversation woke her up. Then she’d be pissed at me for pointing out she was sleep talking in a nonsensical manner. No laughter here. Oh well.

    • There have definitely been times I’ve been an angry sleeptalker, but usually I just get giggly and bashful in my sleep, hah! Mine used to be a lot more nonsensical but in recent years it’s gotten quite advanced! I’ve even started lying to my husband in my sleep saying, “I know you think I’m sleeptalking right now, but I’m not.” Insane!

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